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Become an HRLocker Partner – Give your customers another reason to engage with you Year on Year. Here in HRLocker we love working with HR professionals and consultants to introduce HRLocker as a forward looking solution for your clients. 


“Find things that are just not done in your industry, and then go ahead and do them. Provide your customers with unprecedented value and offerings. Become invaluable to them, so that when they hit an issue, you are the first port of call. But achieving this level of trust with your customers and prospective customers is a long and difficult process involving a lot of trust.’
Purple Cow is a famous book by Seth Godin on how to transform your business by being remarkable. Here in HRLocker we can offer our partners the knowledge that they are giving their customers a reliable GDPR compliant secure system that will take their HR into the future. Hosted in the cloud and with stellar customer support available its a win win with our partners receiving commission and their customers becoming ours as well. 

In a field of cows no cow stands out – but it does if it’s purple …

The same is true in your business. There are many HR professionals all over the place and you need to make sure that you stand out.
With HRLocker we know we have competitors and we try hard to make ours the “Purple Cow”.
Here’s What Makes HRLocker Unique:  We are a Cloud Based HR Software that allows employee self service, this includes the ability to manage and record sick leave or holidays, clock in clock out or log time-sheets.  Our system enables managers to view everyone’s time off in a handy calendar and approve or reject with one click. We also give our clients the ability to report on the entire company or specific Offices/Departments/Individuals. 
Last but not east HRLocker provides HR first line support to their clients by telephone and through email that focuses on return on investment through HR solutions.  We have also created a new feature that deals with performance management, and so much more…

So how do you turn your business into a Purple Cow?

You constantly look for things that make you unique and stand out to your clients. Things that you can tell clients when they call looking for advice.
Make your business a purple cow by offering HRLocker and supporting your clients and their management with Company Compliance, Secured Easy Access Documents, Instant Reporting, Time Sheets and Holiday Management. All in one simple Cloud Based System!
Becoming a Partner is easy!! Book a call to have a chat about what we offer!
or sign up for a 14 day free trial to have a look about! No Credit Card Required!


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