HRLocker Affiliate Program

money for old rope image for affiliate programJoining the HRLocker Affiliate Program allows you to earn 20% of the first year’s license fee for any company you refer that becomes an HRLocker customer.

You can apply using the form below.

  • Once your application has been approved, you’ll be given a unique link to share among your network.
  • This link identifies you as the source of that lead. This is done using a cookie file (you must have allowed the use of cookies on this website) that is valid for 360 days from approval.
  • This means that anyone you refer who visits – or repeatedly visits – is traceable to you as the referrer during this time period until either the 360-day period expires or your lead becomes a customer.
  • Following approval you will be asked to confirm your email address so that we may responsibly manage your information in line with our Privacy Policy

Questions? Just drop us a line or give us a call +353 657081466 / + 44 208 123 4754

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