Thank you for trialling HRLocker! You're all set! LOGIN TO HRLOCKER We respect your privacy and personal data so there are a couple of points to note:
  • At the start of your trial you will receive a series of messages to help you get setup and to maximise the system.
  • While you are on trial - or an HRLocker customer - or registered as an HRLocker affiliate, we will have to retain your contact details as part of our delivery of service. You can request to have these removed if you stop using the system. We will periodically remove this data from our systems.
  • By signing up for a trial you will have automatically been added as a contact to our marketing database. ALL CONTACTS can unsubscribe from marketing and news updates  - such as regular newsletters - from us, as sent from our email marketing software provider, at any time. (Usually the unsubscribe link is at the bottom of the page of these emails.)
  • If you unsubscribe from marketing updates, please bear in mind we will still send HRLocker Users, such as Admins, messages via the in-app chat bubble and by email from within the HRLocker application while you are a registered User. These communications are related to product developments and new features and are focused on customers and their needs.
Our Privacy Policy  and Terms and Conditions are updated from time-to-time. If you're not an HRLocker User, or feel that you have requested not to hear from us, but are still receiving unwanted communications, then please contact us to ensure your contact details and any personal data are removed from within our database and 3rd-party software providers that we use for communications. We are available via our chat bubble on, Tel. (UK) +44 208 123 4754 and (IE) + 353 65 708 1466 and
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