HRLocker Pensions

Workplace Pensions

A workplace pension is a way of saving for your retirement that’s arranged by your employer. Some workplace pensions are called ‘occupational’, ‘works’, ‘company’ or ‘work-based’ pensions.

You can find your pension options inside the Employee Database

Create Pension Plans

Create as many pension plans as you wish and easily move employees into new or different plans. Easily record the provider as well as start date and end date if applicable.

Record employee and employer contributions based on fixed amount or percentages.


Easy Enrollment

Enroll your employees easily into your pension scheme or opt them out at any time. Run pensions per office to easily manage international pensions.

Pension Reporting

As with all HRLocker benefits, our pensions data is fully reportable allowing you to analyse in real time who is enrolled / opted out and on what plan.

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