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We thought we’d list some functions of HRLocker that customers are most delighted with when they find out time and hassle can be saved.

Check these out and see if they could save you some headaches:

1. Onboarding workflows for HR Documents

Whether you setup a [virtual] onboarding office from HIRELocker or not, as soon as HR Documents (such as policies, handbooks etc.) are assigned to an office, any new employee attached to that office will receive those documents to sign. Sorted.

2. Visa Expiry Dates

The Employee Directory allows you to instantly access details on all employees (info levels dependent on access credentials).

If you’re an admin you can set Visa/Work Permit expiry dates and reminders to renew for the relevant employees that require the paperwork. Job Done.

3. CPD is about more than training

Canny Users get more from the CPD section by recognising it can manage any expiry date – not just due dates for passes or certs.

So smart clients are using CPD to process expenses and assign dates they should be submitted by.

They’re also managing passport and driving license expiry dates so that staff self-serve their updated items.

Plus, most commonly, many teams are using CPD to add another level of performance management whereby reviews and associated documentation are assigned – and then submitted so that their completions are logged.

Basically, CPD can manage anything with an expiry date – and build you a rapid naughty list of those offenders that need to update or complete items. Sweet.

4. Project Times – more than just timesheets

Whether you use timesheets or not, HRLocker’s Projects is a great way to get a measured, ‘horizontal‘ slice of how time is spent. So, instead of measuring just total hours worked, employees can enter what they worked on and for how long.

This isn’t just for those billing out hours, but can be useful for claiming R&D tax credits or resourcing purposes – to see where time is actually spent – so that you can optimise the skills in the organisation accordingly. This is a key ingredient to increased productivity.

If you’d like to and out more or schedule an account review to make sure you’re getting the most from HRLocker then please BOOK A CALL with one of the team.

Photo by Lukas from Pexels

Did you know … was last modified: May 21st, 2021 by Adam Coleman

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