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We want to talk to HR Consultants who want to make a difference…

We’re calling out to all progressive HR Consultants who want to do the best for their clients and work with HRLocker and our client-base.

HRLocker is expanding the HRLocker Consulting Partner Network across the UK and Ireland.

We want to engage with HR Consultants or consultancy companies who wish to learn about our product offering and how it can best suit certain markets. Support is very important to us. We would like to offer our current client base access to a group of progressive HR Consultants, to help improve their varying people management and recruitment practices in-house.

If you are interested in consulting on increasing productivity of employees and adopting a DDO (Deliberate Development Organisations) style of management, you should get in touch. We put adult development, digital automation, remote working & dual working at the centre of what we do.

HRLocker is a progressive company and we are looking for consultants with the same mindset. Think you might be interested? Get in touch!

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