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The Christmas Party, Yay or Nae?

72% of workers said that embracing the festive season by encouraging decorations, putting up a Christmas tree and throwing a Christmas party boost productivity and morale.

Its been a busy year. Hitting sales targets, weekly performance meetings and the occasional run in with work colleagues…Is it any wonder that we need a night out to blow off steam?
HR Departments often question the Christmas party wondering if it is an unnecessary expenditure. which begs the question, should we ditch it or embrace it?

Studies show that companies that provide their workers with a night of festivities around the Christmas period are far more productive than their less festive counterparts. Encouraging the shedding of work stresses and providing a relaxed environment to cut loose can help employees interact with workmates as people and not just co-workers.

Building a team of professionals that get along on a personal level is vital to workplace relations. Not all employees are going to get along, but if you can help create a team dynamic that blends the personal with the professional, it can have considerable benefits for long-term productivity.
Employees that have developed these types of relationships based on personal interactions like the ones that the Christmas office party encourages, are much more likely to work better as a team when needed.

The majority of people surveyed said they see the Christmas party as a sign of appreciation and that cancellation would negatively affect staff morale, with 45% responding that they would be angry if the Christmas party was cancelled. Should we manage employee expectations?

In short, the answer is Yes. HR Professionals using management software that track the happiness of their staff say that developing personal relationships with co-workers can help create a level of empathy with one another. Employees tend to share workloads and help each other when pressured situations call for it. They tackle difficult responsibilities as a team rather than individuals. Team building days and organised nights out give people the opportunity to get to know each other on a level that can be hard to do in a busy office environment. (Plus a few drinks with dinner can tend to help people loosen up!)
Parties are a great way to show everyone how much the company values them, and it reflects a general overview of the company culture.
It’s the season, so when that company email gets circulated, embrace it! Get to know your work colleagues on a different level…you never know, you might even enjoy it!


The Christmas Party, Yay or Nae? was last modified: July 27th, 2021 by Jenny Martin

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