Onboard employees and teams remotely

Anja Simic from Deel talks to us about onboarding teams remotely

How to onboard your remote working team

Typically when an employee starts a new job their first day of work is in the office, but with recent events,  companies have been forced to recruit online and now are faced with employees starting their first day of work remotely from their bedroom. Anja talks to us about the procedures around onboarding when your employee has never set foot in the office and how you can manage a remote workforce easily.

About Anja Simic:

Anja lives and breathes remote work. She is the Head of Marketing at Deel, the payments and compliance platform for remote teams. Anja is passionate about amplifying the message that talent is everywhere and the opportunities should be as well.

Contact Anja:

email: anja@letsdeel.com

web: letsdeel.com

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