HRLocker Boss Embarks On Flexible Working Road Trip

Adam Coleman, CEO of HRLocker in Lahinch, is taking flexible working to new heights on a toad trip, working from 23 different locations across four countries in six weeks.

Coleman said his aim is to prove that not only is ‘work’ not a place but to demonstrate the efficacy and benefits of flexible working, for both employee and employer.

Travelling in his Volkswagen T2 Campervan, Coleman intends to complete his daily business tasks on the road, while also meeting multiple clients and employees along the way.

He wants to show first-hand that flexible working and the digital nomad existence is possible for even the most senior of employees.

According to Coleman: “The pandemic and its many lockdowns proved that in most industries technology enables perfectly smooth, efficient and productive remote working.

“For employees, it was a chance to take stock  and establish a better work/life balance, with presenteeism and rush hour commuting quickly becoming distant memories.

“Fast forward a few months and we are all familiar with employees leaving roles to put their well-being and comfort above salary, loyalty, peer pressure and the traditional way of working.”

In Coleman’s view, organisations that truly embrace flexible working practices, in its many guises, will retain and attract the best and happiest talent.

“Those that don’t should consider adjusting lest they lose their people to more accommodating competitors,” he added.

HR Locker, which develops employee management software, went from a hybrid working company to a remote company in April 2019.

“HRLocker makes work life easier for employers and employees, as it allows them to develop a plan around work,” said Coleman.

“We then work with our clients on digitally enabling the workplace, making things easier while at the same time making significant savings and shifts in employee productivity.

“We are doing further integrations with Microsoft products that are our clients’ go-to applications. This building on the familiar is proving to be very popular with our clients.”


Original Article by Business Plus

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