How to check if emails are being sent (Has the worker role fallen over) and reset if necessary.

  • August 29, 2016 at 4:48 pm #1572
    Crystel Rynne


    1.       Log on to HRLocker as Adam. (


    2.       Change the directory to email section


    3.       Confirm that emails are being sent and the last email sent was recently.



    4.       IF there is a back log of emails, you can use the following steps.


    (Details of steps required covered in TRELLO CARD.


    5.       Go to

    6.       Username:

    7.       Password:   ask a developer



    8.       On left pane click ‘Cloud Services’

    9.       Double click on hrlockerv4

    10.   Click ‘Instances’

    11.    Select HRLocker.Worker_IN_0

    12.   – at bottom click reboot

    13.   When reboot complete, confirm emails being sent in Emails directory (step 3).


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