How to allow TOIL

  • August 29, 2016 at 4:16 pm #1565
    Crystel Rynne


    1. Log on as administrator.
    2. Select Settings from the black ribbon.
    3. Select Offices from the green ribbon.
    4. Select the TIME OFF button for the relevant office.
    5. Go to the Time off Request & Rostering Request Types section.
    6. Select the ADD button.
    7. Give an appropriate name, example “Time off in Lieu (TOIL)”.
    8. Tick the Time off in Lieu tick box.
    1. Click submit.
    2. For this office you can enable TOIL for all employees.
    3. If you don’t turn on TOIL for all employees you need to turn it on for individual employees.

    Select the employee from directory.

    Select the settings tab from the green ribbon for the specific employee.

    Turn on TOIL – fill in average hours for week and day.

    Click submit.


    1. Next any employee who uses timesheets (and has submitted them and earned extra hours over the defined working week) and has TOIL enabled will be able to request TOIL as a type of Leave.




    1. The day(s) requested will NOT be taken from their annual leave.
    2. You can see the day listed as TOIL (not Annual leave) in Time off & Roster Requests.









    1. You will be able see their request in Who’s Off. (Frances 29th Day after Easter)

    It is in Orange until approve by Frances manager



    1. After Frances’s manager approve TOIL request – new screenshot is in blue.
    2. Frances Time off &Roster Requests would look like the following.


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