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  • August 29, 2016 at 5:25 pm #1600
    Crystel Rynne

    The “Rostered” function is offered as a way of denoting days rostered for specific people.

    It can be used to show employees working on particular events or locations.

    It can be used to mark special days.

    So for example, your company is holding a Company Event on Wednesday the 1st of June.

    You do not want any employees to look for the Wednesday the 1st of June off via Annual leave as you wish everyone one to attend. So will roster the 1st of June and then if employees do apply for this date, there request will be rejected, saying their request over laps with the rostered event.

    You would create a new leave type, with a new leave name EG: “Company Event”

    1. Log on as administrator.
    2. Select Settings from the black ribbon.
    3. Select Offices from the green ribbon.
    4. Select the TIME OFF button for your only office.
    5. Go to the Time off Request & Rostering Request Types section.
    6. Select the ADD button.
    7. Give an appropriate name, example “Company Event”.
    8. Tick the Rostered box.
    9. Click submit to save this new Rostering type.
    10. This leave type can now be selected and is not deducted from AL.
    11. It is listed for this individual office only.


    Next step is to set this rostered event against all relevant employees. Eg Liz Tester

    1. You or a manger Manager (with time off permissions turned on) logs on to HRLocker.
    2. Selects time off from the black ribbon.
    3. Select “Liz Tester” from the employee drop down list.
    4. Goes to “Request Time Off or Rostered Time” section.
    5. Selects “Company Event” from the type of leave section.
    6. Leave “One or more full days” selected.
    7. Enters the correct start and end dates.

    In my example, I created a single day for 1st of June

    • Enters relevant notes (corporate event on 1 day…)
    • Clicks submit to save this new leave request.
    • Liz Tester is now displayed as rostered, as is another employee Shannon Sherry in Who’s off.
    • Who’s off function is available by selecting Time off from the black ribbon.
    • Than Who’s off from the green ribbon.
    • Ensure your looking at the correct office (or choose all).
    • Choose the date you wish to look at (month of June in our example).
    • Neither Liz nor Shannon can apply for the 1st of June off as Annual leave now.
    • If they do the request is not processed with the following status message.
    • Liz requested Annual leave for the 1st of June via admin.    “Overlapping Requests”


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