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Prompt Payment Code

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We’re proud to have joined the Prompt Payment Code (PPC) and to have pledged our commitment to smoother-running business practices in Ireland. As Signatories to the Code, we’ve agreed to pay suppliers on time, either within terms of contract – or according to legislative requirements. Those that sign up agree to give clear guidance to their suppliers and encourage them to …

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Single Sign On HR Software

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What is SSO? Single Sign On (SSO) allows a company frictionless access to all their vital applications in use for business purposes.  With the level of personal and company data at risk in HR or recruitment functions this is a vital area for anyone in People Management to address under their Data Protection obligations. So what are the advantages of …

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Staff Holiday Planner [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Struggling to manage who’s off on annual leave – and when? This graphic might help you create and publish a fair policy and implement a system to make sure everyone has their fair share of time off to relax and remain refreshed to do their job. Smooth operators Having a great system and clear guidelines on requesting time off in …

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How to carry out a Training Needs Analysis in HRLocker

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HRLocker’s Continuous Professional Development (CPD) module now includes the capability to perform a Training Needs Analysis (TNA) by polling staff to propose their own ongoing certification pathway. The core CPD module, which allows you to schedule, manage and keep records of certifications, remains. A skilled and constantly learning organisation is set to succeed. But there’s no need to break the …

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On Trial – how to maximise your HR software evaluation

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Rolling out some new HR software into a business can be quite an emotional decision for organisations of any size. Surprisingly, subscription cost is rarely an issue. But getting buy in from senior management, as well as staff that will use the Solution daily is vital. We deal with a lot of prospects in various stages of their journey to …

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Employee Management Software FAQs

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A lot of our customers come to us looking for various ways to manage their teams. Increasingly these are small businesses without HR managers or departments – and that have no intention of creating HR departments. In many instances we think this is smart, unless you have a really proactive People Management team that focuses on developing and attracting talent …

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What is HRLocker? Is it Right for Us?

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HRLocker Overview HRLocker is a cloud-based, online People management / HR platform designed mainly with, but not exclusively for, progressive Tech, Professional Services, Construction and Not-for-Profit companies in mind. Usually HRLocker customers are SMEs or small businesses, but several Enterprise-level clients also benefit from the efficient People Management automations that allow Users to focus on proactive HR functions, instead of …

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Can you take holidays by the hour in HRLocker?

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We’re often asked if HRLocker can allow employees to take their holidays by the hour. (The answer is no. But there are workarounds to make that a yes!) However, we usually throw the question back and ask ‘why’re you managing your team so microscopically?’ HRLocker is built with Best Practises and the workplace – and workforce – of the future …

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The Best HR Software

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What makes the best HR software? How do you define ‘the best’? Certain systems fit some companies better than others. But there are some underlying principles to consider as you weigh up what solution’s best for you. Here’s some points we think differentiate between a good system and a great system We think that the best HR software: Is simple to …

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Lean on Me – A Support Story

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A google search of “Support” gives us: bear all or part of the weight of; hold up give assistance to, especially financially. What does it mean to be part of the customer support team at HRLocker? Do we [support] hold up the product? No. I think the product stands on its own. HRLocker offers functionality that stands up well without …

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