Hiring and Communicating to Company Culture

Brian McDowell CEO HR Points of View

You don’t need me to tell you that communication’s one of the most important aspects of managing a business. How your vision is outlined to and bought into by your team is what makes you a special leader. Getting this message to new and potential recruits and across departments is therefore vital. We also know that applicants often apply to …

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People Management Needs and Solutions

Adam Coleman CEO HR Points of View

I’ve said it before, but HR problems are essentially business challenges that require solutions like any other area of commercial productivity. And HR software providers should deliver a full range of management/human resource systems and training support services to their customers to arm your team to move forward. This belief isn’t just based on being an HR consultant (or the …

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UK, Republic of Ireland, Scotland and Northern Ireland Bank Holidays 2017 and 2018

Brian McDowell Infographics Blog Posts

Here is a list of 2017 and 2018 Bank Holidays for the United Kingdom (U.K.) and Republic of Ireland (ROI), including specific public holidays unique to Northern Ireland & Scotland. This list covers several countries from the two separate states of Ireland and the U.K. as many organisations share offices and other facilities in multiple locations across both jurisdictions. (HRLocker …

employee performance engagement system infographic

INFOGRAPHIC Buyer Myths on Implementing Performance Management Systems

Brian McDowell Infographics Blog Posts

Myths BUSTED! This visual guide is compiled from a section of our ‘How to Implement an Effective Performance Management System‘ blog post. (Wow, that is a mouthful.) Many organisations overthink and fear implementing People Management processes such as Performance Management or Employee Performance Engagement (EPE) systems. But, really these are just like so many other Business Processes that can be …

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How I reluctantly grew to love keeping timesheets

Brian McDowell Staff Posts

Insulted. Mistrusted. Angry. That’s how I felt at my last job when the company owner introduced a timesheet system. As a 99% remote worker this micromanaging infringement on my prized, flexible working arrangements struck deep. To be honest it caused a significantly deep sense of resentment. So how did that turn into a good thing? My poor wife cursed my boss …

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The workplace revolution starts here – how will you contribute?

Adam Coleman CEO HR Points of View

Work and the workplace are undergoing a huge change, giving lots more options to employers, when they wish to hire – and to employees on what type of companies they choose to join. From an employer standpoint you no longer need fancy, expensive headquarters in the latest, coolest (highest rent) part of the city. With the advent of cloud computing …

10 reasons why online timesheets will make you the office superhero

Brian McDowell Infographics Blog Posts

Online Timesheets – The Benefits It’s Time! (INFOGRAPHIC) Timesheet software: 1. Saves space onsite and cuts offsite paper filing service costs 2. Cuts time spent on submission/approvals with digital upload and receipt functionality 3. Works across multiple locations on one system without local management 4. Deliver data-based accountability to decision making. Recording time applies to all workers, not just for …

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How (Not) To Buy HR Software

Adam Coleman CEO HR Points of View

I’m going to be as frank with you as I am with all our customers and potential customers as they buy HR Software. There are 100s, if not 1000s of HR solutions on the market. As much as we’re confident ours is the perfect, robust, supportive solution for most growing companies, you really ought to just buy the first cloud vendor that …

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Do You Even Need a HR Department?

Adam Coleman CEO HR Points of View

There should be no such thing as a HR Department: People talk about HR Problems and HR Solutions. Surely they should be people problems and productivity solutions? Every Manager should be skilled up on how to get the best out of their people. The best way of doing this is by educating your managers how to manage their people, not …