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Timesheet Software – Why You Need It

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Timesheet software allows employees to record hours they’ve worked on a weekly basis and have them swiftly approved by a manager without the need for chasing up. A ‘Clocking In and Out’ function that timestamps when staff started and finished work and records break durations is also useful and eliminates abuse of the system. With some systems you can even restrict certain staff …

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Holiday Tracker – Who’s Off Work and When?

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Without a holiday tracker system in place, going to request your time off’s often a hassle if your company doesn’t have any HR system to manage annual leave. How do you know who’s off and when? And if one of two staff of equal status always have to be present, how do you when you can or cannot request days …

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Staff Signing in System

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Are you recording who’s in the building with a staff signing in system? Aside from timekeeping reasons, or record-keeping obligations to collect timesheets of hours worked, there are extra reasons to collect data on who is where using a staff signing in system Building headcount, for example to account for employees with a mobile device roll call in case of …

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HR Software for Small Businesses

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Managing employees is expensive. But looking after your most important assets is vital. However the cost of managing people is relatively much higher in small businesses. Small businesses often don’t have enough budget to pay for ‘expensive‘ HR software. And even the more affordable online HR solutions are still a large investment. Opportunity Lost But it’s not just the license …

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Where does the value lie in an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)?

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As software vendors we’re always claiming our Solutions deliver value for money, excellent Return on Investment and generally deliver a more efficient, pleasant life. Prospective customers are understandably more cautious. You’ll, understandably, assess your options carefully before committing to implementing any new system. Especially Solutions involving Talent Management and acquisition. Plus you’re, increasingly, conscious of the type of brand experience …

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Time Management Software

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Time Management Software can really help your team focus on your great shared goals. Even you’re not billing out project hours, or measuring how resources are employed across the organisation, time management tools will really give you the real facts about how time is split across each section of the team. Individuals will also appreciate how their days are spent …

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Avoid piles of CVs with an ATS recruitment software product

What is an Applicant Tracking System – How Does it Work?

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An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is simply recruitment software to help employers find talent. And to avoid sorting through millions of CVs! There are broadly two types. The larger, enterprise-level systems, that are often known for ‘scaring off’ applicants with lengthy forms and questions. And then there are smaller, more affordable and user-friendly ATSs that really deliver value to small and …

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Does HRLocker have a Timesheet App?

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A lot of businesses that approach us, especially those looking for clocking-in systems, ask if we have a timesheet app. The answer is yes – and no! YES because the HRLocker suite is a web application (featuring timesheets) and is delivered through the browser, usable on ALL devices featuring a reasonably modern browser. NO because it’s not a downloadable ‘native’ …

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Staff Holiday Planning Headaches?

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You dread staff knocking on the door or seeing emails requesting time off. We understand. And we know you’d rather be on that beach sunning yourself too. Hmm, imagine that for a second. You wouldn’t be alone. We’re amazed on a daily basis how many organisations of all sizes are still using excel templates to plan their staff holidays and time …

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