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If you automate a crap process it will only get crap faster!

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We worked out a year ago you can cloud enable your business process across finance, marketing, communications and HR for less than $300 a month – and a year later probably for less with good, easy-to-use modern solutions. Cloud allows small companies look and act big very quickly and can make starting a new business easier and more affordable than ever.

When we started implementing cloud systems into our company we focussed on the big brand names that cost a lot of money! The systems were clunky and hard to use and we soon stopped using them to automate any type of process.

If there’s any advice that I can pass on to you, I would say look at smaller cloud providers who have good support! New, upcoming cloud innovators are where the trend changes and disruptions are coming from – and this is where the next Salesforce, SAP or Workday will begin.

First of all you need to examine the underlying, fundamental process required first before you automate it. And this is something we can help, often with a single phone call – or a subscription to our blog. And if these processes involve Applicant tracking, employee onboarding, processing time-off requests, Absence management or other vital HR workflows that currently cause too much headache and take too much time –  then we can help you avoid a tin of s***e situation!

Cloud computing, with the help of Microsoft, Amazon and Google among others, are quickly trying to dominate this revolution. Who would blame them? Isn’t that what Intel did with the memory market?


The bigger companies allow innovation to happen independently – and then try to either partner with or buy the good ones. Some good Irish Companies have taken different routes in scaling.

Intercom upped and moved to the US and have raised huge amounts from VCs (in excess of £150m + I believe and fair play to them as we say here).

HRLocker customer have no investors and  have chosen to conquer the world from Cork – and it seems to be working, well done guys!

There’s no silver bullet or exact formula, as I’m finding out. So please feel free to learn from my mistakes!

The number one thing though, regardless of provider, is to make sure that any time you want to automate a process – like Hiring, Onboarding, Staff time off requests and so on – make sure its a good process first!

I know too well the pitfalls of scaling a productive team and creating a good culture and I can probably help you! But if you need help in any other part of business I’m not your man, but … I could know a man! Thanks for tuning into my blog!

Adam Coleman, HRLocker CEO

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