HR Software Case Study: CEO of 19-Person Company Slashes Footfall to her Office

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HR Software Case Study

MS Excel is a great tool, but there comes a time when it become unmanageable

In this implementation of HR Software case study you will learn how one CEO reduced footfall to her office with requests from staff for holiday leave, started saving on their stationary bills and allowed the her carry on with other business matters within the first 30 days.

The Problem

Edel, CEO of a 19-person Company’s biggest problem was the amount of paperwork involved with maintaining a register of individual staff working hours and the management of holiday leave and sick leave entitlements. It also meant that the footfall to her office was high with staff requests.

The Solution

Edel trialed HRLocker for 30 days in her pursuit to solve this issue.

‘As soon as I started using the HRlocker system, I could see the benefits. Instantly the footfall to my office for holiday requests stopped because now everybody in the organization could log onto the system, see the annual leave calendar and request time off. Once a manager approves the request, everyone’s calendar is updated. Staff also enter their working hours for the week satisfying our requirements of the Working Time Act.’

Are there any other time saving tools in HRLocker that you like?

‘Absolutely! Right now we are updating our employee handbook. The new employee handbook will be uploaded into the HRLocker and I will get each employee to digitally sign the document. ‘
Whats the Biggest pain point that HRLocker has solved for you?

‘The staff being able to see the leave calendar has enabled the employee’s to organize their day’s so that there is no conflict of 2 key people requesting the same day off.’

Any final thoughts?

HRlocker is a very easy to use tool, simple to navigate and it was painless to introduce. Staff like using the system and they too see its benefits.’

Thanks to Edel for participating in the Case Study

If you are a business and would like to see similar benefits in your organisation, then trial HRLocker FREE for 14 Days (No Credit Card required)

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