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HR Systems Integrations and APIs – What You Need to Know

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What integrations does your system have? Do you have an open API? These are questions we’re asked a lot by new customers. Having your HR software talk to other systems your business uses seems to make sense. In theory. But is it really that simple, realistic or affordable? Most prospects we talk to in people management functions are not technical and don’t …

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Reflections on the big GDPR Readiness Hysteria

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Staying agile in a compliance-heavy world Many of our customers are similar, fast-scaling SMEs. Many are in the tech sector as well. Reflecting back on attaining ‘readiness’, we thought we’d share our thoughts and experience of the good and bad points of recent ISO27001 and GDPR processes we’ve undergone. First, some fun. You’ve read 5000 thousand GDPR emails. (And received 20,000.) …

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How to Crush GDPR Compliance like a Recruitment Superhero

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Ensuring you have consent to hold CVs, making certain that staff have adequate awareness on privacy, conducting a data audit, regular data purging and safeguarding data storage standards with a reliable system supplier are the pillars of GDPR diligence for recruiters. Read on. You’ve got this!  You’re responsible for scaling a team in a successful organisation. The people you hire …

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Some of the most topical questions we’re asked at the moment are understandably regarding HR and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations). First of all its important to clarify that no HR or recruitment software solution will ensure you’re instantly Compliant on how you handle employee data – or manage consent. Outside of the integrity of the supplier and their security …

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What is HRLocker? Is it Right for Us?

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HRLocker Overview HRLocker is a cloud-based, online People management / HR platform designed mainly with, but not exclusively for, progressive Tech, Professional Services, Construction and Not-for-Profit companies in mind. Usually HRLocker customers are SMEs or small businesses, but several Enterprise-level clients also benefit from the efficient People Management automations that allow Users to focus on proactive HR functions, instead of …

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The Best HR Software

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What makes the best HR software? How do you define ‘the best’? Certain systems fit some companies better than others. But there are some underlying principles to consider as you weigh up what solution’s best for you. Here’s some points we think differentiate between a good system and a great system We think that the best HR software: Is simple to …

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Lean on Me – A Support Story

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A google search of “Support” gives us: bear all or part of the weight of; hold up give assistance to, especially financially. What does it mean to be part of the customer support team at HRLocker? Do we [support] hold up the product? No. I think the product stands on its own. HRLocker offers functionality that stands up well without …

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Fight the System – Choose Your Weapon

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Talking to a new customer today, that’s experienced significant growth in the last year, (their headcount shooting from 60 to over 150 in the past 12 months), I was surprised to hear that they wanted a cloud HR solution because they’d outgrown their ‘small business system‘. That small company system was in fact, no system. The usual spreadsheets or other …

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Holiday Tracker – Who’s Off Work and When?

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Without a holiday tracker system in place, going to request your time off’s often a hassle if your company doesn’t have any HR system to manage annual leave. How do you know who’s off and when? And if one of two staff of equal status always have to be present, how do you when you can or cannot request days …

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HR Software for Small Businesses

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Managing employees is expensive. But looking after your most important assets is vital. However the cost of managing people is relatively much higher in small businesses. Small businesses often don’t have enough budget to pay for ‘expensive‘ HR software. And even the more affordable online HR solutions are still a large investment. Opportunity Lost But it’s not just the license …

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