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Employee Management Software FAQs

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A lot of our customers come to us looking for various ways to manage their teams. Increasingly these are small businesses without HR managers or departments – and that have no intention of creating HR departments. In many instances we think this is smart, unless you have a really proactive People Management team that focuses on developing and attracting talent …

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On Trial – how to maximise your HR software evaluation

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Rolling out some new HR software into a business can be quite an emotional decision for organisations of any size. Surprisingly, subscription cost is rarely an issue. But getting buy in from senior management, as well as staff that will use the Solution daily is vital. We deal with a lot of prospects in various stages of their journey to …

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Storing Physical and Digital HR Records with GDPR In Mind

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So you’ve got a fancy new cloud HR software system. Excellent. Your staff are happy, You’re happy. But what about your legacy documentation? GDPR’s May 2018 deadline’s looming and, although you’ve likely addressed your digital data needs – have you done everything you need to about physical records? GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) will require you to carry out a …

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Timesheet Software – Why You Need It

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Timesheet software allows employees to record hours they’ve worked on a weekly basis and have them swiftly approved by a manager without the need for chasing up. A ‘Clocking In and Out’ function that timestamps when staff started and finished work and records break durations is also useful and eliminates abuse of the system. With some systems you can even restrict certain staff …

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Staff Signing in System

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Are you recording who’s in the building with a staff signing in system? Aside from timekeeping reasons, or record-keeping obligations to collect timesheets of hours worked, there are extra reasons to collect data on who is where using a staff signing in system Building headcount, for example to account for employees with a mobile device roll call in case of …

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Absence Management Software – Why You Need it

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Managing and monitoring staff absence sucks a lot of time from HR departments or those responsible for People Management, especially in small businesses. When the busy summer holiday months come around, or when winter and back-to-school bugs tear through your headcount, you need something to make life easier and ensure your team get timely, accurate responses and that have a …

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The Staff Holiday Planner Guide

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Your  Staff Holiday Planner Advice Page! A solid staff holiday planner system will instantly save time, money – and lower tension amongst your team. That said, good policy’s still required. So here’s some tips on implementing smart, staff time-off procedures: How To Manage Staff Holidays and Time Off Remember that, as well as wanting to avoid common employee holiday related issues, …

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Absence Management Policy

Absence Management Policy – A 12-Step Guide

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Absence Management Policy – How to Manage Employee Absence and Sickness Effectively (Click image below to read Absence Management Policy feature as Infographic.)   SUMMARY Absence management policy needs buy in from the very top with a company-wide culture on absence prevention essential Don’t be afraid to have open, honest discussions to get to the bottom of issues and have realistic processes in …

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