Do you want your employees to engage in 2015?

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A huge problem for employers is a lack of employee engagement in the workplace. For management and business owners, there’s nothing worse than the feeling that there’s a disconnect between you and your employees.

Many attribute this to employees either being lazy or not being a good fit for the organisation but with Forbes citing poor management and micro-management as some of the top reasons for employee demotivation; it’s very often a problem that originates from the top down.

So what can you do to make sure employees are engaged in 2015? Adam Coleman, CEO of HRLocker says the most important thing is to “show employees that you care about the things that matter to them.” This can even be things as menial as holiday entitlement or the option to work flexitime once a week.

“Employees like to feel like they are progressing” says Coleman. “Pay particular attention to employees continued professional development. If you upskill them in ways that will make them more capable of delivering results, not only will you see improvements in your organisation but you will see an improvement in employees demeanour and morale. If you invest in your employees they will invest in you. It’s that simple”, concludes Coleman. “Nobody wants to feel like a number that serves a 9-5 regime.”

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