Engaged Employees Make for a Happy Workplace

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Happy, engaged employees are the best thing for any business as they work harder, stay longer and best of all act as brand advocates!

Employee Engagement is hard to define, and may feel like a challenge to business owners who are left wondering- what can my company do to catch and engage employees?

Here in HRLocker we are all about Happy Working and have created our cloud based people management software as a tool that can be used to make your employee’s working life easier.

Working on keeping the company culture and environment in line isn’t as hard as it sounds but it does require planned and persistent work. With the proper groundwork put in place, by certain key team members, culture can blossom and grow.

Employee Engagement takes place throughout an employee’s time with a company.

Engagement begins before an employee even applies for a position. Prospective employees often go onto company websites and social media and try to suss out what the company is like as a workplace.

Perspective applicants look on job portals and read reviews to see if they can get a true picture of your company as an employer.

This is where good marketing can play a role in expressing your company’s culture. Content that is produced needs to be on brand and convey the company principles and behaviors. Your website and branding need to put your best foot forward to attract great talent!

Recruiting can be hard work, there is a lot riding on getting the right people. Obviously, you can make the hiring process easier by using an applicant tracking system like our HIRE feature, and that makes posting jobs a breeze. But what about getting the kind of candidates you want to make applications? This is where it is important to cast an eye over your company’s online presence.

The online recruitment website Glassdoor claims, the individual company profiles on the Glassdoor website have more traffic than a company’s own website when a job posting is listed (By the way Glassdoor is one of many job boards that HRLocker Hire features are linked with).

There are good reasons perspective employees turn to Glassdooor first, we are in a time when reading reviews online is the norm. Many people have begun to treat job hunting like they are shopping for a position.

Don’t be afraid! Put your company out there to catch the right candidates for your business!

Obviously a company profile could prove to be a double-edged sword and it is hard to put oneself out there but it needs to be done. A lot of companies are afraid of Glassdoor and there is no need to be! As long as a company treats people well Glassdoor can be an asset, and there is also the ability for a company to respond to a review if you feel something has been misrepresented.

Glassdoor company profiles share information about the organization, images and employee reviews. Glassdoor employee reviews consist of the pros and cons of working in the company and can be a valuable tool for managers and owners to track and address problems.

A company that has no Glassdoor presence may get passed over by potential applicants. This is a challenge for small companies, but a solution could be to actively ask current employees to leave reviews. Having a Glassdoor profile will help with your recruitment and with 70% of job applicants checking company profiles out on Glassdoor that is a large part of the recruitment pool that could be passing you by.

Read up on Glassdoor’s influence on your recruitment

From the initial interviews, all through the on-boarding process and then having them as a part of the team, employee engagement takes place. Here in HRLocker we believe that the process starts by defining and documenting your company principles, values and behaviors.

Investor & Entreprenuer Ray Dalio has a fascinating book and website that is dedicated to Principles.

Having a set of values and behaviors for the company, gives employees guidance for achieving their goals and the company’s goals. By giving the whole team a shared vision and focus people feel involved and in the know.

We know this takes a small bit of work but if you read over the examples that are available online this may seem less daunting.

Some examples of corporate values and behaviors

Facebook’s values are:

  • Focus on impact: “If we want to have the biggest impact, the best way to do this is to make sure we always focus on solving the most important problems.”
  • Move fast: “We have a saying: ‘Move fast and break things.’ The idea is that if you never break anything, you’re probably not moving fast enough.”
  • Be bold: “We encourage everyone to make bold decisions, even if that means being wrong some of the time.”
  • Be open: “We believe that a more open world is a better world because people with more information can make better decisions and have a greater impact.”
  • Build social value: “We expect everyone at Facebook to focus every day on how to build real value for the world in everything they do.”

As you can see keeping it simple is fine! Principles, values and behaviors allow company management to inform employees about what is expected.

If you are still uncertain how to proceed we can help! We started life as an HR Consultancy and would be more then happy to assist you to create the right culture in your organization. Our HRLocker CEO Adam has built over 80 plus behavioral frameworks for Companies and is always ready to jump on the phone and chat about how this can be done effectively and easily.

We are often asked- how can we make some changes now, that can start to have a positive influence on people? We have a few ideas that we already have in place that we feel help here in HRLocker.

  • Be Open & Transparent- Keep your staff informed of what is going on in the company, have everyone on the same page and mission.
  • Office Pets– look we know this seems a bit mad but we have a cat (Lola) and dog (Vinnie) that are regular visitors in the office and it is great.
  • Plants & Greenery– Here in HRLocker our favorite color is green and having some nice plants in the office can brighten the space and help keep the air clean and fresh!
  • Clean out the Clutter– We recently rejigged the office and it was great to have a good clear out. We are virtually paper free now and it was great to free up some space.
  • Implement a Wow Culture!- Get team members to celebrate when something goes well. We have an email that employees can send in when their colleagues go the extra mile and in our weekly meeting these emails are read out.
  • Career Paths- Show people there is a fair framework in place that outlines how they can progress within the company.
  • Field Trip!– Encourage employees to get out of the office sometimes! We have our quarterly meetings offsite and its a great chance for the whole team to sit down learn about developments and progress in the company and have lunch together.
  • Allow Remote & Flexible Working– technology allows business to be conducted anyplace anytime. Employees can work from home or the office or out on the road. By broadening peoples work possibilities you are opening up the talent pool available.

It used to be that someone would have a job for life and that was something people aspired to. Nowadays people don’t view a job as a life long commitment, if they are disengaged it is best that they leave on mutual terms for both the employer and employee, there is no need for hard feelings. Your business will benefit from having the right employees that are the right fit.

Here at HRLocker we are a DDO. What is a DDO I hear you ask? A DDO is a Deliberate Development Organisation. We put the development of the individual at the centre of our strategy.

There is a great book, “An Everyone Culture” (by Robert Keegan, Lisa Laskow Lahey, Matthew L. Miller, Andy Fleming and Deborah Helsing) that can guide your way forward in developing the right culture for your organization.

An Everyone Culture: Becoming a Deliberately Developmental Organization

When the employees’ career and life principles are similar to, or overlap, with the Company’s Principles and ambitions you know you are on to a winner. Here at HRLocker we operate as an open transparent meritocracy.

Often companies spend valuable time and investment recruiting and hiring what may seem to be the perfect new staff member, only to find they do a short stint and then leave or even worse stay on as a team member but be completely disengaged. If you have your principles, values and behaviors as guidance when hiring it is possible to ask questions that can show if the candidates will be a good fit.

By utilizing smart recruiting and then informing new recruits of the company principles when they are doing their on-boarding we can provide guidance and goalposts for employees. Employees that feel involved and valued will do their best for your business its a win win situation!

You have nothing to loose by having happier and more engaged employees, productivity will rise and staff turnover will decrease. If you need any help or guidance setting up your principles or behaviors book a call with a member of the HRLocker team!


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