Everyone wants to work for this guy? LinkedIn ‘Super Targeted’ recruitment for free.

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I think we all agree that LinkedIn is a powerful place to find and attract talent, Microsoft certainly think so as they have paid $22.6 billion for the company!

Firstly you have to understand why people register on LinkedIn, I have come up with eight reasons:

  1. To find a new job
  2. To Learn more about certain topics
  3. To network with thought leaders in their sectors
  4. Peer pressure “everyone else in on LinkedIn so I should be too!”
  5. To use as a sales tool
  6. To offer a knowledge based and sales free environment in the groups.
  7. As a PR tool
  8. To get industry information and learn through asking questions.

Most people on LinkedIn have more connections than their Company has. People seem to be more inclined to follow people rather than companies, would this mean that it would be better for people to promote their jobs through their personal profile rather than on their company page?

When people promote their jobs through their profile the jobs are now going to people that are more likely to be in the right sector! This makes this approach more targeted rather than just advertising a job on a job board.

The number one reason why people move jobs is because they don’t like their manager, is it not correct to assume that a good reason why a person would work for a company is because they would like to work for that manager?

In my opinion if you do not promote jobs through your hiring managers LinkedIn profile you are really missing a trick – and, guess what, through HRLocker you can link your LinkedIn account your recruitment platform.

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