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Despite continuous questioning and uncertainty Cloud computing has become embedded into our society and into how we do business. It seems we have now become acceptant that our entire lives are stored in the Cloud! We have for years been stressed out about the hype around the Cloud. Should we be on the Cloud? What is the Cloud? Is the Cloud something I need?

Most of these questions have become redundant as we enter an age of ‘Cloud acceptance’ where we are no longer obsessed with the age old questions as they have now all been answered,

1.How much does it cost?

Finance departments have begun to address the huge savings that can be made by replacing an out of date system that is costing a company thousands every year in maintenance fees with a Cloud based system. These cost savings are beginning to filter down to the HR departments with the understanding that Cloud is more cost effective than traditional software. Cloud will almost certainly be more cost effective than an existing software.

2.Will changing systems take months?

A Cloud system can usually be setup and implemented in days rather than months or years.

3.Will my Cloud system be up to date?

Cloud allows good HR Professionals to challenge old out of date practices and bring organisations up to date ready for “the future of work”. Good Cloud HR systems are based on “next  practice” (Where industry and technology is going beyond best practice)

4. Is it secure?

This has been one of the biggest concerns for companies when purchasing a Cloud based system, but I think this concern has largely been answered. As with all software there are risks, however, every Cloud provider should have distinctive and robust strategies for security.

5. Can the Cloud adapt to my company’s needs?

Cloud gives the HR profession the licence to take the word “Agile” from the IT world and apply it to the what we call “the new world of work”. Cloud HR systems allow companies to create systems with transparent information while building a strong employee brand.


With these five reasons in mind we have begun collaborating with the next generation to get their input on this shift in the HR world. We have officially collaborated with two universities, one in the UK and one in Ireland, but as not to be elitist we want to open it to all students of Business and HR all over! We are looking for University students or what we like to call ‘first step HR professionals’ to help us understand and realise their future.


What we are looking for from students are  blogs of 600 words or more on interesting  new future work practices or ideas that are related to the HR profession or people practices. We will publish the best article and accredit the writer with the best blog per quarter getting, the winner will receive a GOPRO camera and other goodies in line with our CEO’s passion with all VW and Surfing.

So please feel free to share this with any of your contacts that work in a university or with up and coming HR and business practitioners you might know.

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