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Here at HRLocker we have become consumed with building a great HRLocker Ecosystem that will serve our clients. An Ecosystem that will consist of like minded companies who want to move towards a shared goal, creating new opportunities for innovation and opportunity and for creating powerful new competitive advantages.

HRLocker is focused on allowing a whole new consumer access to HR management software which historically has been only accessible to consumers with a large budget. We are allowing smaller progressive companies in the Tech, Professional Services and Not for Profit sectors to automate their HR and People Management efforts easily, quickly and affordably saving considerable time, hassle and money. We are adding new customers and partners every week and we are now considered largely as a market disruptor.

At HRLocker we want our Ecosystem to represent our core values of agility, teamwork and initiative & delivery. Our Ecosystem is focused on bringing together multiple companies from various industries and sizes to serve the market in away that is far beyond what any single company can do on their own. I want to work with people and companies who have the same values and beliefs and who believe in a shared interest to meet the increasingly ‘global’ customer.

I am always happy to talk to like minded people so please contact me, and we can plan how we can grow together.

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