Have you entered in all of your possible leave types to HRLocker?

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It is very important when setting your company up on HRLocker that you import your leave types in the ‘Settings’ area.

Here are the legislative leave types as promised

  1. Annual Leave
  2. Maternity Leave (non deductable from annual leave)
  3. Force Majeure (non deductable from annual leave)
  4. Parental leave (non deductable from annual leave)
  5. Jury Duty (non deductable from annual leave)
  6. Carers leave (non deductable from annual leave)
  7. Request Adoptive leave(non deductable from annual leave)

Other leaves that you could consider that are not essential but other Companies use

  1. Unpaid
  2. Bereavement/Compassionate
  3. Study Leave
  4. Paternity Leave
  5. Rostered On
  6. Rostered Off

The system can also be used by employees to show others that they are out of the office but still working. You can set this under leave types so people can indicate what they are doing out of the office, this does not require sign off it just indicates a work situation Examples of this are as follows

  1. Attending conference
  2. Travelling but still working
  3. Studying but still working
  4. Out of office but still available for calls
  5. Out of office with no access to email
  6. Working in the (other named office today)

Click here to video a training video on this.

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