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HRLocker are Delighted to receive Business All-Star Accreditation

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The HRLocker team has been very busy over the last 8 weeks working with the All-Ireland Business Foundation to achieve our Business All-Star Accreditation Certificate. This accreditation is an outstanding achievement and recognises the hard work and dedication of our team in providing a best in class service to all our customers.

Business All-Star accredited companies are defined as; progressive, indigenous Irish businesses which meet the highest standards of verified performance, trust and customer centricity. In achieving this accreditation, we join a unique group of businesses and we believe this continues to demonstrate our commitment to improving our service to our customers and suppliers.

The three pillars of the All-Ireland Business All-Star accreditation are: Performance, Trust and Customer Centricity. It was these three pillars that attracted HRLocker to become part of the Business All-Star tribe.

HRLocker has always been mindful of our humble beginnings and our reasons for setting up our headquarters in Lahinch, Co. Clare. Just as HRLocker allows you to manage and hire people across distributed locations, our own team continues to focus on how the work-play vibe adds to our levels of creativity and perspective. To date, we have attracted talent from Galway, Dublin, the UK, South Africa and Brazil. Just because we are headquartered on one of the best and safest surf beaches in Europe, it does not imply that we are all a crowd of beach loving hippies, far from it (mostly). We are very focused – if we weren’t, HRLocker would not be live in 55 different jurisdictions around the world.

Our location allows us to compete for talent competitively. With a great way of life on offer we can offer a positive option for those seeking to leave the stress of high-cost, urban living and we would encourage other companies to do the same – and make returning home a viable choice for the diaspora. Of course, knowing we are contributing something to the local economy too is an added bonus and HRLocker are actively involved in the ‘Grow Remote’ movement.

The truth is, HRLocker want to set an example of how productive people can be if their work and lifestyle are in harmony. But this belief and philosophy goes further. HRLocker have come to believe and live and breathe the ideology that #workisnolongeraplace and #happyworking. That the workplace should be decentralised and that wherever possible employees should experience flexibility and freedom under an atmosphere of trust.

HRLocker are committed to making both employers and employees’ lives easier and happier. That employment and lifestyle freedom should be spread around the country and not just focused on population centres and that wealth can therefore be distributed more evenly across the nation.  HRLocker believe that teamwork, flexibility, initiative and business integrity need to be at the centre of everything we do.

We look forward to attending the Gold Medal Ceremony on September 12that Croke Park.

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