Managing employee training just got easier!

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If you follow HRLocker on social media or read ANYTHING we write or talk about, then you will know how important it is to us to keep things simple.

If you’ve been on the phone to any of the HRLocker team, you will hear us stress how important it is to get the system working for you and not you working for the system. Distribute workload responsibility to the employees and the managers, not just the administrators.

With that in mind we have released the additional functionality  as an extension to our core product,  ‘CPD’ or Continual Professional Development/Training.

CPD will  help offload the administration burden off HR, Training and Operation Managers looking after mandatory and  aspirational  training requirements/demands of their employees.

CPD continues with the philosophy of employee self service and spreading the load of work across the workforce.

Let’s take a quick look at what CPD can do:

You will need to request the activation of CPD functionality whether you are new to HRLocker or an existing customer.

HRLocker core product plus CPD only costs from €1.48 per active employee per month , if you are a current  customer of HRLocker you can avail of  this functionality for the next 3 months for free.

Click here to active your CPD functionality now

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