Merry Christmas and a Green Santa

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The Northerly wind stings red cheeks under a woolly hat,

That naughty red dress that makes you question ‘God have really I gotten that fat?’

The excitement and trepidation because it’s Christmas party day,

Then the sinking feeling; ‘Have I booked my holiday?’

The joyful conversation with a fire and eggnog,

The tummy grumbling at the thoughts of honey glazed hog,

The confirmation email, 2 Spanish weeks mid-May,

The thrill your boss just approved your booked holiday.

Two hot whiskeys and a glass of mulled wine,

A panadol, flat 7Up, my head will be fine,

Singing Fairy Tale of New York like you’re a 90’s Rocker,

It’s a big Merry Christmas from all at HRLocker.

Green Santa Campaign

Join us this Christmas on a campaign to turn Father Christmas back into his original colours of Green White and Black. Yes that right Old Saint Nick was originally illustrated in Green attire.
Join us on our fun Twitter journey on the run up the Christmas to #reclaimSanta. 
HRLocker’s Corporate colours are green, white and black. And with your help of retweets, favorites and replies we might actually get him back in his original colours.
Follow the hashtag #reclaimSanta
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