Save 72 HR Hours with this simple Human Resorces tool.

Below you will read how Deni McSweeney has been using HRLocker to manage the HR Process of her Global Company Apex Fund Services is one of the world’s largest independent fund administration companies with over $28 billion of assets under administration, 34 offices and 370 employee’s across the globe.Visit Apex Funds Website:

What was life like before HR Locker?

Oh my.. Well we have multiple offices so to create quarterly reports we had to request large amounts of data from all the offices. There were Excel sheets for each office that we stored in Outlook folders.I love the fact that everything is so centralized for the entire company

How did you Process Holidays before HR Locker?

This was done on an individual office basis and each MD from each office was responsible for making sure that each employee got the correct amount of holidays.We no longer have to rely on each office to make sure of accurate record keeping as HR Locker controls and keep track of it for us.

How did you manage your time sheets in the past?

Everything was done on a Word Document but this was not something we had a priority on. Again HRLocker makes our life easier.The ‘Time On’ feature is not something we use a lot but the ‘time off’ feature is a God Send.

How did you manage employee’s documents before HR Locker?

This was a mixed bag again on a per office basis. We had no one way of keeping track of employee Records. Now with HR Locker Having one central location for all employee documents helps our overall standardization.

What was the biggest pain for you that HR Locker has solved?

Headcount turnover reporting globally. This was a huge headache because by the time we got all the data and compiled the report, the data wasn’t accurate anymore.

What is the best feature HR does for you?

By far it would have to be tracking annual and sick leave.

Do you use the signing documents feature and how much time does save you?

Oh yeah… This is a big one. Many of our documents require multiple MD’s signature for approval. This often took 3 solid days work to chase them down and get the signatures. It still takes a little time to prepare the documents but now with the Digital signature feature in HR Locker it’s now done 2 hours total.
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