Social Enterprise can save time for what matters with clever management.

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This week the HRLocker team are heading up to Croke Park to attend The Wheel Summit on Thursday, May 23rd. The Wheel Summit is the annual gathering in Croke Park of Ireland’s National Association of Charities, Community & Voluntary Organisations & Social Enterprises.

The Wheel Summit Check it out here, their annual summit is one not to miss!

Having effective and well managed human resources is essential to make sure things run smoothly in business. Lets face it, often charities and voluntary organizations are held to a higher standard when it comes to employment of both paid and unpaid staff, being open, prepared and transparent is important. Being a well organized employer can be a breeze, all you need is a handy tool!

So let us picture this…… you arrive in the office in the morning and have a virtual HR employee who can approve sick leave with ease, check everyone’s certifications are up to date and monitor their time worked. How wonderful!! And guess what? This can easily be achieved if you opt, like we do, to use people management software.

HR can be modernized, and the time saved by freeing HR from paper records can be used for working on building up the employees of the organization.

Why not free up time on tasks like recruitment, time keeping, documents, training, certifications and professional development?

Here in HRLocker we make People Management Software, and our system offers a set of features that can come in handy when running any sort of business from non profit to startup.

When it comes to social enterprise your employee’s and volunteer’s time is an asset. An asset that is wasted if used chasing around spreadsheets or organizing and maintaining piles of files, certs and training.

With the use of HR software there is also less room for error, and higher accountability with employees. The employees keep their own records, filling out their addresses, emergency contacts and uploading certificates. This information is then available to the management that has permission to view it.

Our cloud based system can also be used for timekeeping, employees can log notes on their time-sheets and clock in and out anytime anywhere.

Employee Self Service empowers your staff!

Imagine what could be done if we freed up the time that is currently used by HR paper pushing.

All companies whether in the public, private or charities sector can benefit from modernizing recruitment. An applicant tracking system, like our recruitment feature HIRE, can make creating job advertisements and publicizing the positions on job boards easy. Plus we also make dealing with CVs and applicants super simple.

Automate and streamline your recruitment for volunteers and employees

Our features have been designed to make our happy customers working lives easier. We know there are never enough hours in a day!

Our system can help you manage people throughout their employment. Starting with once a candidate is selected. The employee can be on-boarded with our digital tools, receiving important documents like employee handbooks and policies.

In a social enterprise, having volunteers on-boarded can make the difference between them committing their time and being engaged, knowing your organizations rules and regulations and being safe.

How can onboarding help train & retain staff?

HRLocker provides a way to maintain and store employee records in case you need them. If you have a Volunteer Policy it can be uploaded and shared with new volunteers and require a digital signature. If you have employees that need to supply certifications like Garda Clearance or Safe Pass this can be scanned and uploaded by the employee using their home computer, tablet or mobile phone!

Maintain Employee policies, documents and records

It is also possible to store records of references on the system when an employee starts. All this information can be recorded and stored in a GDPR compliant manner. If you need to keep on track with expiry dates you can set up and track when certification will need to be renewed.

HRLocker can be used by Social Enterprises to make managing volunteers, and staff painless so why not Sign up for our 14 day FREE TRIAL

Here in HRLocker we offer a 10% discount for not for profits and voluntary organizations.

BOOK A CALL with one of our team and we can help guide you through the system and how it can work for you freeing up time for what matters!

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