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What is HRLocker? Is it Right for Us?

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HRLocker Overview HRLocker is a cloud-based, online People management / HR platform designed mainly with, but not exclusively for, progressive Tech, Professional Services, Construction and Not-for-Profit companies in mind. Usually HRLocker customers are SMEs or small businesses, but several Enterprise-level clients also benefit from the efficient People Management automations that allow Users to focus on proactive HR functions, instead of …

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The Best HR Software

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What makes the best HR software? How do you define ‘the best’? Certain systems fit some companies better than others. But there are some underlying principles to consider as you weigh up what solution’s best for you. Here’s some points we think differentiate between a good system and a great system We think that the best HR software: Is simple to …

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Fight the System – Choose Your Weapon

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Talking to a new customer today, that’s experienced significant growth in the last year, (their headcount shooting from 60 to over 150 in the past 12 months), I was surprised to hear that they wanted a cloud HR solution because they’d outgrown their ‘small business system‘. That small company system was in fact, no system. The usual spreadsheets or other …

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HR Software for Small Businesses

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Managing employees is expensive. But looking after your most important assets is vital. However the cost of managing people is relatively much higher in small businesses. Small businesses often don’t have enough budget to pay for ‘expensive‘ HR software. And even the more affordable online HR solutions are still a large investment. Opportunity Lost But it’s not just the license …

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Small Business Sense – The Case for HR Systems

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The cost of managing people in a small business is relatively much, much higher than it is at enterprise-level, so arguably HR software delivers more value in a more compact organisation. Plus the rules, regulations and the amount of ‘STUFF’ that small to medium sized (SME) business owners need to do to stay on top of things these days is increasing …

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People Management Needs and Solutions

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I’ve said it before, but HR problems are essentially business challenges that require solutions like any other area of commercial productivity. And HR software providers should deliver a full range of management/human resource systems and training support services to their customers to arm your team to move forward. This belief isn’t just based on being an HR consultant (or the …

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How (Not) To Buy HR Software

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I’m going to be as frank with you as I am with all our customers and potential customers as they buy HR Software. There are 100s, if not 1000s of HR solutions on the market. As much as we’re confident ours is the perfect, robust, supportive solution for most growing companies, you really ought to just buy the first cloud vendor that …

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Do You Even Need a HR Department?

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There should be no such thing as a HR Department: People talk about HR Problems and HR Solutions. Surely they should be people problems and productivity solutions? Every Manager should be skilled up on how to get the best out of their people. The best way of doing this is by educating your managers how to manage their people, not …

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If you automate a crap process it will only get crap faster!

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We worked out a year ago you can cloud enable your business process across finance, marketing, communications and HR for less than $300 a month – and a year later probably for less with good, easy-to-use modern solutions. Cloud allows small companies look and act big very quickly and can make starting a new business easier and more affordable than …

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What’s wrong with this picture?

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Don’t look for a HR Solution for your business! Look to solve your business problems that make your people more productive and your processes paperless and affordable. Recently I read a book called “Scaling up” written by Verne Harnish and have started implementing the Rockefeller habits to help our business scale. I sought out to meet several people who were …

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