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Brian McDowell

In terms of the amount of admin and management time saved over the first year, it has easily paid for itself.

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Shane Mansell ResNet

ResNet World

Adam Coleman

“We needed a flexible system that allowed us to set up our regional offices differently based on varying holidays and working weeks – HRLocker allowed us to do that. HRLocker is very user friendly.  I like the visuals and graphs … Read More

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Ward Solutions

Adam Coleman

‘The benefits of this product are amazing for me. I can now run reports at the touch of a button and don’t have to use lots of excel sheets, which I was previously using.  I love the help function. … Read More

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Adam Coleman

The system is extremely intuitive and user friendly and only minimal training was required for our users with it. For any items Admins were unsure of, the instant chat app would deliver a fitting response with a couple of minutes … Read More

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