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UK, Republic of Ireland, Scotland and Northern Ireland Bank Holidays 2017 and 2018

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**UPDATE** our 2019 and 2020 HRLocker bank holiday calendar for the U.K. and Ireland can be found here: ***

2019 2020 Bank Holiday Calendar

Here is a list of 2017 and 2018 Bank Holidays for the United Kingdom (U.K.) and Republic of Ireland (ROI), including specific public holidays unique to Northern Ireland & Scotland.

This list covers several countries from the two separate states of Ireland and the U.K. as many organisations share offices and other facilities in multiple locations across both jurisdictions.

(HRLocker allows easy staff holiday planning and smooth processing of time-off requests and approvals. HRLocker also allows you to select appropriate public holidays in several counties worldwide when setting up new offices or departments.)

United Kingdom: There are 8 annual Bank Holidays in England and Wales (Covered by the Banking and Financial Dealings Act 1971.) Scotland and Northern Ireland share some of the rest of the UK Bank Holidays, but both also have their own unique national public holidays. Scotland has 9 each year and Northern Ireland 10.

Here’s a side-by-side list of both the UK and ROI so, if you have offices in both jurisdictions for example, you can compare public / bank holiday dates. Also listed below are separate ROI and UK-only dates.

Bank holiday dates for 2018 and 2017 in the UK Northern Ireland and Republic ROI

Here are the UK (England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland 2017 and 2018 Bank Holiday dates.

Infographic listing UK and Northern Ireland Bank Holidays Infographic 2018 2017

Republic of Ireland: There are 9 annual Bank Holidays in Ireland. These are covered by the Organisation of Working Time Act 1997. Here’s a list of those dates:

An infographic listing the Republic of Ireland 2017 and 2018 bank Holiday dates


  UK   Republic of Ireland 
DateHoliday Name    DateHoliday Name 
Jan 2ndNew Year’s Day (Substitute day)Jan 2ndNew Year’s Day (Substitute day)
Jan 3rd2nd January
March 17thSt. Patrick’s DayMarch 17thSt. Patrick’s Day
April 14thGood Friday
April 17thEaster MondayApril 17thEaster Monday
May 1stEarly May Bank HolidayMay 1stMay Bank Holiday
May 29thSpring Bank Holiday
June 5thJune Bank Holiday
July 12thBattle of the Boyne / Orangemen’s Day
August 7thSummer Bank HolidayAugust 7thSummer Bank Holiday
August 28thSummer Bank Holiday
October 30thOctober Bank Holiday
November 30thSt. Andrews Day
December 25thChristmas DayDecember 25thChristmas Day
December 26thBoxing DayDecember 26thSt. Stephen’s Day
Total8910  Total9
  UK   Republic of Ireland 
DateHoliday Name    DateHoliday Name 
Jan 1stNew Year’s DayJan 1stNew Year’s Day
Jan 2nd2nd January
March 19thSt. Patrick’s Day (Substitute day)March 19thSt. Patrick’s Day (Substitute day)
March 30thGood Friday
April 2ndEaster MondayApril 2ndEaster Monday
May 7thEarly May Bank HolidayMay 7thMay Bank holiday
May 28thSpring Bank Holiday
June 4thJune Bank holiday
July 12thBattle of the Boyne / Orangemen’s Day
August 6thSummer Bank HolidayAugust 6thSummer Bank Holiday
August 27thSummer Bank Holiday
October 29thOctober Bank Holiday
November 30thSt. Andrew’s Day
December 25thChristmas DayDecember 25thChristmas Day
December 26thBoxing DayDecember 26thSt. Stephen’s Day
Total8910  Total9

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (U.K) consists of the countries of England, Wales and Scotland – which make up the mainland area known as Great Britain – and Northern Ireland, an area of Ulster (on the island of Ireland) that is administered by the U.K. government.

The Republic of Ireland is a totally seperate, independent state. Find all that confusing? Then watch this amusing clip produced by Irish comedians! (HRLocker are an Irish company, so like to enjoy some craic about their neighbours’ idiosyncrasies!)


The UK observe Good Friday, but in Ireland, although this is a religious day with schools often closed for the day, it is not an official Public Holiday.

Scotland have an extra Bank Holiday to the rest of UK for January the 2nd. Scotland also do not have a Bank Holiday on Easter Mondays and have a separate August Bank Holiday to England, Wales and Northern Ireland. In November they have the unique St. Andrew’s day break.

Northern Ireland mark both St. Patrick’s Day (as do the rest of the island of Ireland). NI also have a unique public holiday on the 12th of July.

Ireland have New Year, Easter Monday, the early May Bank Holiday and Christmas dates in common with the U.K. Compared to the UK, Ireland has the addition of St. Patrick’s Day and an October break around Halloween. Their late spring and summer Bank Holiday dates are different to most of the UK.

In the charts ‘substitute day’ refers to days that are granted if the actual event of, say, a Saint’s Day, falls over a regular weekend then the holiday is granted on a weekday instead.

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