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What is an ARTICLE 55 review and is your company is compliant?

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An article 55 review is a review of the composition of your workforce and of your employment practices.

Protecting your company from risk and promoting diversity begins in knowing where you are with fair participation and workforce structure.

All registered employers (companies with 11 employees and above) must conduct a review at least once every three years.

The purpose of an Article 55 Review is to:

  • determine whether members of the Protestant and Roman Catholic communities are enjoying, and are likely to continue to enjoy, fair participation in employment
  • take affirmative actionif fair participation is not being secured by members of the Protestant and Catholic communities
  • set goals and timetables as part of affirmative action
  • take account of the guidance in the Fair Employment Code of Practice(pdf)


In order to set aside your legal necessity to complete your article 55 review, your company needs to ensure growth and development into a wide demographic, mutli cultural and diverse marketplace. This is often reliant on reflecting this in your team around you.

Completing Article 55 is easier if you have in place the data capture tools. HRLocker provide a package with Fair Employment Monitoring. The module allows you to:

  • Provide easy to access data on your team’s community background and catchment areas to allow you to make the evaluations within the comparator ranges.
  • Track that elusive information on recruitment, shortlisting, promotions, leavers, transfers and your equality of opportunity.
  • Provide support with training requests, training needs and training plans.

If you want to grow and develop your business while making life easier for your monitoring and returns book a demo today and our sales team will get you up and running with a free two-week trial.

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