Continuous Professional Development/Training & Development

Our Continuous Professional Development feature or CPD, ensures you never again let an employee's training certification expire. With HRLocker CPD you can assign Training & Development courses and tasks to your employees. Our cloud based system also allows employee self service letting them upload their own certificates, and maintain their records.

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Employee CPD – Continuous Professional Development

Continual Professional Development (CPD), otherwise known as Training and Development, is a simple and very effective way to manage your employees’ training and certifications.

Whether your employees are required to have certification or simply complete a course as a part of their work, you have the facility to record this training and allow the employee to upload their own certificate for you to validate.

Keep morale and employee satisfaction levels high with agreed CPD plans. The CPD module settings also allow you to both send out training needs requests to your staff – for carrying out a Skills Gap or Training Needs Analysis – and for employees to request training themselves.

Manage and Assign Documents

HRLocker will keep track of certification expiry dates and remind you when they are due for renewal. Basically, anything with an expiry date can be assigned and submitted for approval in the system. CPD assignments don’t have to be related to training, as items such as driving license renewals or work permits can also be processed and logged in the system.


  • Simple creation of training items.
  • Easy upload of certifications.
  • System reminder emails prior to expiration of certifications.
  • Helps on-board new employees.


Take a look

Watch these clips on how employees would receive a training assignment to complete and how managers would assign a mandatory certification to submit.


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