Equality Monitoring Report

HRLocker’s Equality Monitoring Reporting frees business owners and HR managers to focus on their people and clients, all the while ensuring they are in complete compliance with their legal duties.

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Equality Monitoring

Todays workforce is more diverse than ever before. Investing in Equality Monitoring for your employees will improve your overall ability to recruit and retain high calibre employees as well as improving your company culture.

Collating all this data can often be a time consuming and a laborious task. HRLocker can automate this process for your company throughout the life cycle of your employees. The HRLocker Equality and Diversity module reports on all the protected characteristics.

Next Practice for your Company

HRLocker advertises vacancies to the widest possible catchment areas using social media and job boards  avoiding community advertising or restrictive practices. The applicants Equality Form is never accessible by the hiring manager this ensures a complete separation in the recruitment process and removes any appearance of bias. HRLockers Monitoring process ensures that your company are recruiting in a fair and equitable manner, providing a fully diverse workforce.

Lates fines can easily be avoided using our Equality Monitiorng Reporting system.


Boosts Productivity and Save Money

HRLocker automated Equality Monitoring creates productivity in your company.

HRLocker will:

  • Reduces paperwork and associated costs.
  • Protects against accusations of discrimination.
  • Meets all legal and ethical requirements for Equality Monitoring.
  • Reports are readily available ensuring no fines or lost revenue.
  • Protects your Companies reputation.
  • Ensures a more diverse workforce.
  • Guarantees records are kept compliant with ISO 27001 standards and GDPR.


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