Employee Management

“Empower your employees’ by giving them full responsibility for their personal details.” Adam Coleman - CEO HRLocker

Employee Directory

Employee management software means that your employee directory gives easy access to all of your team. Easy search is achieved with filters by office and department, while also allow textual search using an employee name/part of name.

  • User-Friendly Employee Directory
  • Accurate Employee Details
  • Event Reminder Emails
  • Remain Compliant

employee management

Employee Directory Summary

Quick Setup of Employees, Managers and Administrators

Chances are you currently keep all of your employee records in an Excel or paper file somewhere. Constantly updating these files can be time consuming and often the information isn’t 100% accurate or securely stored enough to meet compliance.

HRLocker provides you with one safe place to keep all of your information and allow employees to  (via ’employee self-service’) update their own personal data such as their address, next-of-kin, contact details and photo.

HRLocker is great for securely storing sensitive information, such as salary history and terms of employment. This important information is only available to be seen by you or the people you authorize using permission-level controls to do so.

It’s even possible to upload files and associate them with an employee. This is useful for storing review notes from PMS or CPD procedures, an employee’s CV/resume and other critical information.

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