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HIRELocker is our end-to-end Recruitment Management Software Application or Applicant Tracking System (ATS)  that is fully integrated with HRLockerHIRELocker allows you to manage the entire recruitment process in one central, GDPR-friendly location.

A screenshot of a recruitment management system

Employee Recruitment System Dashboard

  • Create job requisitions
  • Post to free and paid job boards and Social Media accounts
  • Customise forms to your Brand iD
  • Receive, screen, sort and rapidly shortlist applicants
  • Automated customised responses
  • Customise your recruitment process and stages
  • Rate and comment candidates – perfect for collaborative hiring teams
  • Robust reporting features

HIRELocker candidate management system will manage the entire hiring process online for you with an easy-to-view ‘pipeline‘ to track candidates with smart metrics that help you optimise key metrics such as time-to-hire.

HIRELocker also has a careers page integration that updates all your live jobs automatically on your website, with a range of customisations to fit your brand style guidelines.

Employee Recruitment System Dashboard

Applicant Tracking

Posting a job without an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is not only time-consuming but it is also risky. You run the possibility of the perfect candidate slipping through the cracks. HIRELocker’s recruitment management system software automations will accept and screen all applications and organise them for you to review – and easily manage so that top talent is identified. No more inbox chaos! Candidates can also permission themselves in line with your CV database retention policies so that you’re GDPR compliant. HIRELocker’s smart candidate database management tools are perfect for busy, collaborative hiring teams, in-house recruiters and HR to keep on top of candidate management so that no critical talent is lost.

A screeshot of applicant tracking screen
a screenshot of job boards

Free Job Boards & Social Referrals

HireLocker makes it simple to share vacancies across social media. Plus, if you want to incentivise your current employees to actively find talent, the inbuilt HireLocker referrals campaigns track and report where your strongest applications come from. This give you the ability to recognise which employees or contacts have brought you successful candidates.

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