Recruitment Management

Hirelocker is a full Recruitment Management /Applicant Tracking system, which is fully integrated with HRLocker. HireLocker allows you to manage the entire recruitment process in one central location.

recruitment management applicant tracking system


Creating the job, receiving and screening applicants, sorting candidates, sending rejection letters, offering jobs to successful candidates, Hireocker will manage the recruitment process for you.

Applicant Tracking

Posting a job without an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is not only daunting but it is also risky. You run the possibility of the perfect candidate slipping through the cracks. HireLocker will accept all applications and organise them for you to review. No more inbox chaos!

Search Candidates - HireLocker
integrate with job boards

Free Jobs Boards & Social Referring

HireLocker makes it simple to share vacancies across social media. If you want to incentivise your current employees to actively find talent, HireLocker tracks and reports where applications come from. This give you the ability to recognise which employees or contacts have brought you successful candidates.


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