How to create a new employee

How to create a new Employee


Example: Paul Poland starting 14/03/2016 with 22 days Annual leave.



  1. Log as administrator
  2. Select Directory from the black ribbon.
  3. Select the ADD Employee button to create a new employee record.

  1. Note the pages opens for initial employee details (will become Summary tab after employee is created)

Note all fields that are marked as * are essential.

A unique email address for each employee is always required.

  1. Fill in the details for Paul.

  1. Click submit, and Paul’s record is created.
  2. The tabs appear and all other relevant information can be recorded.

Such as employment type under Terms of Employment tab.

Holiday approver under Settings tab. Etc…


  1. Paul can be seen on the directory.
  2. The admin can invite the new employee, by selecting the INVITE link listed in orange.
  3. Select SUBMIT and this sends Paul an invitation email with a temporary password and he will be able to log on for himself.
  4. Email looks like the following…



Dear Paul,

Your company is now using to manage its HR processes online. Other HR processes and information may also be available to you through the service. A brief video overview is available here.

You can access your account anytime, anywhere at

Your user name is your email address and your temporary password is: 2g}M$Xb3
When you login for the first time you’ll be prompted to set your new password.

If you require assistance, we have an online support centre where you can search frequently asked questions, make suggestions or browse suggestions from other users. Please feel free to visit and contribute at

HRLocker Systems

This is an automatically generated email message sent from Do not reply. If you are having any problems with the service please contact your company HRLocker Administrator.



  1. Paul click on link, enters his email and the temporary password to gain access.

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