Meet the Team

The HRLocker team are a diverse, fun-loving crew sharing a common goal – to make peoples lives better with time-saving, value-for-money solutions to Business Process and People Management challenges.

Support is the backbone of our business so you’ll only find the corporate big wigs and stuffy old board members lower down the page!

Liz Byrt
Technical Expert
Liz Byrt our Technical Expert, is on the front line for explaining features, problem solving and resolving any client support queries. This role suits Liz to a T, having a background as a software engineer (Quality Assurance) for Motorola among many other varied roles. Liz is a graduate of CIT and loved it so much she went to study there twice! Liz loves her job because she 'works with fun people, doing something I enjoy and feel I excel at! It’s a change of role and a break from being a full time Irish "Mammy". Read More The team here's made up of good people, who work well together and that remember a day is wasted if you haven’t laughed!' Liz  is never seen without a cup of tea in her hand - unless it's replaced by a glass of wine some evenings!
HRLocker Man
Super Hero

HRLocker Man our resident Superhero. We like to think that when anyone’s responsible for rolling out HRLocker in their company they automatically become a superhero. And at HRLocker we have a resident, lifesaving superhuman too. Like the rest of the legendary HRLocker support team, HRLocker man gallantly swoops in to rescue Users should they come unstuck with any People Management issues. (When Liz isn't available.) HRLocker Man’s our protector of customer satisfaction. No challenge is too large or small for him to defend against. Like all saviours, HRLocker man, of course, has a secret life out of hours. Read More We have no idea what he does after he Clocks out. There’s a lot of whispering here about further, hidden characteristics he possesses. We can’t confirm any for sure (apart from that he DOES NOT support Southampton FC) but the rumours include that: … he’s the local postman here in Lahinch, drives a green van (of course) and swiftly changes into his outfit inside the nearest mailbox if a support call comes in (and Liz is away) … his costume is actually just a green wetsuit and that he’s the alter ego of our CEO Adam (Caveat: This hearsay was circulated by Adam himself.) … he gracefully stepped aside to let Pearce Brosnan be the first Irish James Bond … that he's actually related to Liz in the support team. They definitely share superior support genes anyway … his strength knows no bounds and he once underwent cosmetic pectoral reduction procedure … he’s so super green he can turn organic spinach into kryptonite – apparently he almost exclusively eats curly kale, the purest Irish shamrock and on a night out only drinks absinthe … his cape has no effect on his flying skill and is actually just a giant handkerchief to offer any damsels in distress … he’s consistently rejecting multi-million-dollar offers from Donald Trump who’s said to prize his perfect hands … he once went into anaphylactic shock after eating marmite. (But was revived using Guinness.) … he wears only the finest French lingerie underneath his costume. No visible lines have been confirmed … he’s Chuck Norris’ jujitsu instructor … he safely rehomed all protected snake species that St. Patrick exiled from Ireland … he has an anorexic cousin called Bill … He was in a boy band that was destined to win The X-Factor but an HRLocker support call came in just before their audition … he carries an unlimited supply of dog biscuits (Vinnie the office dog mentioned this, unsurprisingly)

Crystel Robbins Rynne
HR Projects & Services Manager
Crystel Robbins Rynne is our HR Projects & Services Manager Crystel's one of the core HR professionals behind the functionality of HRLocker and liaises with clients on implementation and new feature development. She's worked with The Interventions Group for over 10 years and is the connection between our clients and our technology. Crystel loves working at HRLocker because she 'gets to explore all areas of the business. I get the most satisfaction at work from brainstorming a problem - and solving it! I like the HRLocker team because some are old friends and some are new, but we're still a team' Read More Apparently in her spare time she likes to 'torment my children by holding family workouts, going on long walks and runs'. She also loves to cook and throw dinner parties and serves a mean Lamb Shank in red wine sauce while enjoying a glass of Prosecco. As well as coaching soccer, she's studying for a Masters in Specific Learning Difficulties, is Lamh and Hannen trained and is a blogger for The Mighty. When asked where she'd transport herself to if she could travel in time, Crystel says it would be to the year 2000: where she'd tell herself that 'Goth makeup and piercings doen’t suit anyone!' Crystel's unlikely to use buzzwords in meetings and, although she's a 'can-do', 'yes' person, she's often heard saying 'No!'. Colleagues agree that she's always right! (But she kind of is.) She's lethal because she can instantly assess both the big picture and envisage the small details or potential roadblocks to find the most time-efficient solutions. Crystel is a Psychology Graduate of the University of Limerick.
Sarah McMaster
Productivity Manager
Sarah McMaster Productivity Manager Sarah has a wide-ranging role here across commercial, sales and support functions to ensure customers and Users get the most out of the system. With a strong Project and Business Management background in finance she brings the perfect, agile, growth-oriented, tech-embracing mindset that all progressive companies need. Sarah loves surfing, walking her dog, Dexter and generally 'doing anything outdoors - and singing. Sometimes both at the same time'. In fact if she could travel in time she'd visit the 1930s just for the music. Her claim to fame is that she played Hockey for Ireland. Also, but, shhhh, don't tell Read More the boss that she's moonlighting, but she's just joined the circus too and is training in aerial acrobatics out of hours!
Paul Joyce
Senior Developer

Paul Joyce our Senior Developer. Surf-loving Galway Man Paul is responsible for technical system support and future development. Paul's responsible for managing future features of HRLocker. He works with a growing list of boundary-pushing functionality that's currently on our development road map. Paul appreciates good humour and frank, succinct communication. (Straight talking only. No buzzwords allowed.) When he's not surfing, he loves Read More sharing his love of climbing as an instructor at a local activity centre, and socialising - so the scenic, rugged West Coast of Ireland is the perfect place to live and work. As a kid Paul wanted to be a carpenter, so maybe one weekend, if there's no boulders to climb or swell to chase, he'll finally get around to putting some doors on his shed. Prior to working at HRLocker Paul worked with Avaya, as a Senior Developer.

Joe McKnight

Joe McKnight Chief Technology Officer. Joe has over 15 years experience as a Software Architect across all areas of the SDLC, including requirements analysis, business analysis, full stack .net development and and Interaction Design. He’s also a connoisseur of fine single malts. Apart from being an avid reader of philosophy, Joe gets great satisfaction from working on the next generation of HR Software. ‘Developing technology solutions to improve peoples’ lives is my craft, so what better place to make a differenceRead More than in a HR/People management system!’  Joe’s another team member that’s enjoyed moving away from city life and enjoying a great work-life balance here around the National parks and coastline in beautiful County Clare. ‘We all come from different working backgrounds where we’ve gained extensive experience, but somehow all ended up working in Lahinch in the far west of Ireland!’

Jennifer Dempsey
HR Director

Jennifer Dempsey our HR Director brings a sense of equilibrium to our Company. Jen gets the best out of people and takes a light touch HR approach that allows people to innovate. Jen is particularly passionate about working with people with disabilities, making sure that they realise their potential. Prior to working with the Group, Jen set up the Irish Overseas Aid division of the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs and worked in a HR Professional role in Card Services, CSK Software, Symantec Corporation and Rand McNally.

Adam Coleman

Adam Coleman our Chief executive Officer has assisted clients in developing and implementing best in class HRIS solutions. He has coached & facilitated companies through difficult change & systems initiatives including start-up & shut down programmes in the Telecommunications, Software, Energy, Manufacturing and Services Sectors. Prior to setting up HRLocker, Adam held Senior HR Positions in both O2 UK and O2 Ireland and was head of HR for Esat Digifone. It’s his vision to continue Read More to develop HRLocker into the best HR product and service company in the world! Adam has years of experience in building culture within companies from the ground up. It’s one of the reasons that Adam decided to put lifestyle first when setting up his own company on the West Coast of Ireland. Based in Lahinch, the surf capital of Ireland, HRLocker has flourished into a worldwide company that serves clients in over 40 different jurisdictions. In addition to Adam’s passion for all things HR related, he is also a keen surfer and an avid Southampton supporter. Adam loves 'talking to partners and customers and watching his colleagues push the boundaries of the impossible to the possible'. He enjoys coaching with the local youth soccer team and cooking Tom Yamm soup. Adam has a strong interest in Ancient Greek history and, like most Southampton FC fans, rarely attends any games. (So he'll likely fire the fan of [infinitely more successful] rivals Portsmouth FC who wrote this profile section for him.) One day Adam will finally get his beloved green VW Beetle - that inspired the HRLocker green Brand iD - out of the garage and into restoration so it can be a fitting HRLocker mascot. Let's hope that doesn't take as long as it is for Southampton to win a major trophy.

John Ring
Board Member
John Ring, Board Member MD & owner of the leading Web marketing consultancy TinderPoint. John has over 25years Experience in Web marketing, SEO & all things internet. Johns specialty lies in understanding which digital marketing elements make most strategic sense for his clients.
Richard Finn
Board Member
Richard Finn, Board Member has over 30 years experience of International business and has extensive experience in Senior Management roles with US Multinationals – both in Ireland and the USA. Richard is a qualified Business Executive Coach and enjoys working with start-ups, scaling new businesses and is passionate about Business and Personal Financial Management.

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