10 reasons why online timesheets will make you the office superhero

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Online Timesheets – The Benefits It’s Time! (INFOGRAPHIC) Timesheet software: 1. Saves space onsite and cuts offsite paper filing service costs 2. Cuts time spent on submission/approvals with digital upload and receipt functionality 3. Works across multiple locations on one system without local management 4. Deliver data-based accountability to decision making. Recording time applies to all workers, not just for …

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How (Not) To Buy HR Software

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I’m going to be as frank with you as I am with all our customers and potential customers as they buy HR Software. There are 100s, if not 1000s of HR solutions on the market. As much as we’re confident ours is the perfect, robust, supportive solution for most growing companies, you really ought to just buy the first cloud vendor that …

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Do You Even Need a HR Department?

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There should be no such thing as a HR Department: People talk about HR Problems and HR Solutions. Surely they should be people problems and productivity solutions? Every Manager should be skilled up on how to get the best out of their people. The best way of doing this is by educating your managers how to manage their people, not …

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February 2017 News | Clock-In/Out is Here | Webinars

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Great news! HRLocker’s CLOCK-IN/OUT functionality is now live. Customers on Professional and Premium plans can active this (and project tracking capability) easily through your HRLocker account. SEE HOW February Learning Lineup Whether you’re a HRLocker Guru, or just getting started, we can help you to increase your knowledge and do more with HRLocker. Featured Demo: HRLocker Clock In/Clock Out HRLocker’s …

staff holiday planner

The Staff Holiday Planner Guide

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Your  Staff Holiday Planner Advice Page! A solid staff holiday planner system will instantly save time, money – and lower tension amongst your team. That said, good policy’s still required. So here’s some tips on implementing smart, staff time-off procedures: How To Manage Staff Holidays and Time Off Remember that, as well as wanting to avoid common employee holiday related issues, …

How to Select an Applicant Tracking System

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Be an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) Superhero! Save time sorting through applications in multiple channels & formats in an easy-to-use Applicant Tracking System dashboard – never miss top talent again! HireLocker integrates with HRLocker – as well as major job boards – to make the hiring and onboarding process a smooth, pleasurable process as you identify the best candidates for …

implement performance management system

How to Implement an Effective Performance Management System

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Choosing to implement effective Performance Management System software is arguably the most efficient way to invest in your company’s talent. (Note: there’s a growing trend for PMS to be termed Employee Performance Engagement, or EPE instead). By keeping your team engaged with your wider business goals and with what skills they can develop, you will achieve alignment and satisfaction across the board. …

Absence Management Policy

Absence Management Policy – A 12-Step Guide

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Absence Management Policy – How to Manage Employee Absence and Sickness Effectively (Click image below to read Absence Management Policy feature as Infographic.)   SUMMARY Absence management policy needs buy in from the very top with a company-wide culture on absence prevention essential Don’t be afraid to have open, honest discussions to get to the bottom of issues and have realistic processes in …

HR in a Box – The Innovation Show Interview HRLocker CEO Adam Coleman

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Hear the backstory on how HRLocker was founded, with added, wider insights into startup success, hiring and HR consultancy from CEO Adam Coleman in this interview by Aidan McCullen’s The Innovation Show. HRLocker was founded by HR professionals with experience at the highest levels of recruitment. If you’d like expert guidance and advice on Human Resources policy, implementing absence management …

HR professionals: Don’t get comfortable in your cosy old shoes – Tech and culture changes everything!

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Being a HR professional in a busy tech or professional services company can be really challenging. Having been there in the past and doing it in the present, I know the challenges first hand. Many managers think when the first HR role is appointed in a company that they now have a HR resource to do all the hiring for …