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Have an HR problem? Our stellar team of HR Professionals can help!

Have you ever noticed our handy chat box on HRLocker? If not you should check it out. It’s the best way to get through to us and have your problems or issues dealt with by a real person!

I bet you’re thinking a real person? No way!

Well actually, yes way! The HRLocker team is plugged into the chat so if you are unable to find the answer to a query in one of our handy help guides that is no problem. Simply use the conversation tab to message us and we will get back to you. Or, if your that way inclined, you can give us a call!

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The chat bubble can be used to ask about how HRLocker works, ask for help with technical issues or any HR dilemmas. On the other end of the screen you will meet one of our competent support staff members who will email you back in a timely fashion.

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Have an HR Dilemma? Let HRLocker help!

We offer first call support to our HRLocker customers, what does that mean? Well it means that we are here just a phone call away to help with any HR conundrum.

On the other end of the line you will find a member of the HRLocker team. We are not just a technology company, HRLocker was created and developed by our CEO Adam Coleman with decades of HR work and consultancy behind him. Adam was inspired by his years of HR experience to try and free HR from paper pushing.

So when you message us your query, rest assured it is being dealt with by a team of trained and seasoned HR professionals.

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Don’t forget that on our team we also have a load of techies tasked with running and designing HRLocker.

The people on our team have the knowledge to solve your problem or know who can steer you in the right direction. We are here to help so please don’t hesitate to ask.

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IMPORTANT: The content of this blog or our help does not constitute legal advice and HRLocker accept no responsibility for any actions taken on behalf of this content

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