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HRLocker – Business as usual!

Following official advice in relation to the prevention of the spread of the Covid19 virus, the majority of the HRLocker team will be working remotely until circumstances change. All phone queries will be dealt with as usual, and email support continues unaffected 🙂

📞 You can reach our office on +353 657081466  or +44 2081234754.

Or email us at


Remote Working can be a breeze with HRLocker. Let us help you!

Companies now realise that implementing a remote working policy goes a long way to help retain your best employees. It is not always straight-forward but you can make provisions in your policy that can prevent issues into the future. We examine the issues and benefits you could face if you don’t implement a considered remote working policy.

So, what is required to implement a considered remote working policy?

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coronavirusCoronavirus – workplace concerns & how to address them

With many travel engagements and shows booked, our managers have asked about our stance on the outbreak and what preventative measures we are taking to ensure we are providing a safe working environment for our employees.

Having a correct policy and procedure in place will strengthen and alleviate employees’ fears.

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Access employee data remotely through HRLocker

With the current heightened concern relating to the Covid-19 pandemic, you may be wondering where you can easily access employees contact information.

The Employee Directory Export report has all of an employees personal information as well as their emergency contact details


techconnecthrlocker-881x587HRLocker GPS Clock in and Out

Using our GPS clock in and out module you will be able to track your employees time and location – whether they are on site or working out of the office. HRLockerwill give you full control of which users you want to enable this for and will allow managers and admins full access to reports on a day to day basis.

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