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What’s wrong with this picture?

Don’t look for a HR Solution for your business! Look to solve your business problems that make your people more productive and your processes paperless and affordable.

Recently I read a book called “Scaling up” written by Verne Harnish and have started implementing the Rockefeller habits to help our business scale. I sought out to meet several people who were referenced in the book as well as seeking out to talk with several people who have scaled SAAS businesses.


Most knew that people management was an issue to be addressed while they scaled but the successful ones did not put HR at the forefront. This puzzled me, being a HR professional and owner of a SAAS HR solution. Are we not always hearing and being told that the most valuable asset in our businesses are our people? So should we not be addressing HR issues to make sure our business scales?

I then realised and had a eureka moment, most businesses see HR as an expense, should they not see HR as an asset? Another question I began to ask myself is why do people come to us looking for HR Solutions? What is a HR Solution for your business? Surely what companies should be looking for is solutions to business problems that make their people more productive, not a HR solution?

Buy Time

When I hear of a HR solution it automatically appears that there is a HR Problem, but are these not just people productivity problems? Should we not just be looking to automate stuff to free up our people to do work that is productive and to increase the value of our businesses?

I did a lot of HR and Management consulting over the last 10 years in and around the Insurance industry (among others) and a good business aquintance told me that the insurance industry sells fear but you buy peace of mind when you buy an insurance product.

If we put that thinking into the HR sphere it is similar, in the business world when people think it is time to buy or employ a HR solution or department what are they buying? Are they buying peace of mind as they are afraid of what might happen if they don’t?

I have come to believe that there are two types of companies:

1.Those who buy HR solutions or employ HR Professionals

2.Those who buy business solutions to business problems that allow their employees to become more productive. (These two might have people responsible for HR)

Does this mean that all my studies in the area of HR and the time spent in becoming a HR professional, has been a waste of time? I think not, as you always have to know where industry has come from and I believe the best education anyone can get is by studying history be that business history or classical history as history has a habit of repeating itself.  If Hitler had taken heed of history he would not have invaded Russia in the winter as he would have seen how Napoleon failed (sorry for that disturbing thought).

When we set up HRLocker we also thought that we needed to focus on automating HR practices but as the world is changing so fast we decided not to do that. We are now solving business problems and not only solving business problems for scaling companies in the tech, professional services and the not for profit sectors but we are looking at future trends in these areas and looking to solve business problems that are happening because of;

  1. Changes in technology
  2. Changes in how people work and will work in the future
  3. Changes in the type of people who are working Millennial’s v Baby boomers v Generation Xers

Yes, we are having fun in this space trying to address the current and future business problems and trends. Our development needs are to interact and sell to future orientation business solution solvers as we too want to raise the value of our business. We are about solving business issues that increase people’s productivity, make these processes paperless and affordable to help emerging businesses scale and to allow Small businesses ACT BIG and big Businesses ACT SMART.

If you like the blog and you are in the business owner, finance or HR sphere within the Tech, Professional Services and Not for Profit area get in touch. Enquire about our 3HC solutions to business problems!

So. What’s wrong with the picture you may ask? The answer is nothing – its perfection!

Adam Coleman



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