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The system is extremely intuitive and user friendly and only minimal training was required for our users with it. For any items Admins were unsure of, the instant chat app would deliver a fitting response with a couple of minutes invariably. 10/10 user experience for us.”

Gearoid McSweeney.
Finance & Investment Executive,

Ward Solutions

‘The benefits of this product are amazing for me. I can now run reports at the touch of a button and don’t have to use lots of excel sheets, which I was previously using. I love the help function. I could go on and on about my plans for the usage.

Anita Walsh
Head of People Ward Solutions


Hot Press Magazine

“We’ve moved our People Management to HRLocker in the last 12 months. The onboarding was simple, the UI clean and clear and, most importantly, it’s added a huge level of clarity to our tracking & management of absences & holidays. A great solution to a consistent headache! ”

Duan Stokes
Publishing Director. Hot Press Magazine

Apex Fund

“Apex Fund Services has nearly 400 employees in over 30 jurisdictions around the world that use HRLocker and it has proven to be a valuable aid in the quest to automate and streamline our HR processes. I would highly recommend HRLocker to any company as it will save them time and money in a busy and fast-paced working environment”

Deni McSweeney
Regional Human Resources Manager, EMEA


Data Ireland

HRLocker’s a super-efficient and easy-to-use cloud HR software platform that’s removed countless administrative tasks and costs associated with managing HR in a busy technology company.

We use the self-service system to manage contracts, reviews, leave, benefits, training plans and project time tracking for all levels of employee and management. The support from the HRLocker team’s always been instantly responsive and they pay special attention to specific requests, especially if these changes improve the experience for the User community.


We had grown very quickly from 8 employees to more than 20 and we just wanted an easier way to record holidays, sickness etc, than simply keeping a spreadsheet for each HR item!

I found HRLocker simply by searching for ways to record annual leave and was really impressed with the website and the overall look of the User Interface.

Following the trial period – and finding out how cost effective it was to purchase – it really was an easy decision to make.

In terms of the amount of admin and management time saved over the first year, it has easily paid for itself.



Blueface is a rapidly expanding business both in Ireland and internationally. Entering a hyper-growth phase placed a strain on our legacy HR strategy.

Disparate HR management processes were introduced across departments but it was becoming increasingly difficult to track business movements.

Blueface wanted global oversight but had global HR integration concerns and were unsure of the time it would take to implement this solution.

HRLocker enables enhanced preparation and planning for everyone in Blueface and helps maintain our business continuity. It was clear that the HRLocker team were friendly and willing to go the extra mile – but more importantly they had the software to back that up.

Of all the features, the ability to have a company-wide, control-tower view of who is off and when is extremely important when trying to schedule meetings with clients across the globe.

Staff buy-in to rolling out HRLocker has been strong. Like Blueface’s unified phone system, HRLocker’s all-in-one strategic human resource management system is easy to use from the outset.

Time off requests can be submitted at any time, anywhere making it simple for both the employee and their manager. Finally, their support team are a testament to the power of strong HR, but the product is so user friendly that we rarely need to contact them.

Sean O’Riordan


“HR Locker is a very simple to use solution for both management and our staff. They help us keep all of our HR requirements in order for staff located in three different countries through one subscription. Their support staff are friendly and attentive. We have been a customer for over five years and look forward to working with them for many years to come.“

“We needed a flexible system that allowed us to set up our regional offices differently based on varying holidays and working weeks – HRLocker allowed us to do that. HRLocker is very user friendly. I like the visuals and graphs it incorporates, that make it all very easy regardless of employee sophistication. Previously we tracked leave and time off manually via employee files and spreadsheets and used another program for about 2 years – but it didn’t have the same flexibility as HRLocker. HRLocker allows us to keep HR simple and focus that saved time and cost on other areas of the business. We find HRLocker dependable and bug free, easy and self-explanatory to train employees how to use it and we couldn’t live without the first-class customer service provided.”

Shane Mansell

Director | ResNet


Matrix Internet

“As a growing SME, we needed a HR software solution that could tackle staff records & reviews, absence and holiday bookings that moved away from our excel and word docs. By introducing HR Locker we have greater visibility, reporting and employees can manage their own holiday requests. The admin work prior to introducing HR Locker has decreased significantly and we save time on email and manual mistakes. I can’t even imagine what it would be like now if we did not use HR Locker. It’s a great software solution that is value for money and offers additional functionality should we need it as the company grows and the team at HR Locker are always on standby should we require any assistance or support.

Richard Domigan
Operations Manager | Matrix Internet

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