HR Software for NFP's

HRLocker is now offering substantial discounts to Nonprofit Organisations to help make HR a breeze! Many NFPs use HRLocker to automate their HR processes and we love working with the nonprofit sector. Learn more below.


As a nonprofit client of HRLocker, you will receive:

HR Software for Non – Profit Organisations

HRLocker features for nonprofit organisations

Our Non Profit Clients love:

End to end hiring

Use HRLocker to manage your entire recruitment process in one central, GDPR-friendly location. Create jobs and available roles that you can post to various jobs boards and social media platforms to manage candidates easily.

GDPR compliant software to measure your resource spend against funding

Use the HRLocker projects section to ensure you are allocating your time and resources efficiently.

Manage employees in different locations

Do you have employees working offsite? HRLocker allows employees to clock in and out in real-time, while offsite or in multiple locations, making time management a breeze.

Manage Background Checks & Vetting

Easily manage background checks, Garda vetting and any other vital documents that need to be stored and renewed on a regular basis

Holiday Management

HRLocker’s Time Off module allows you to manage holidays and annual leave for each office, department, team and individual easily and quickly.

Manage Employee Training Records

HRLocker is a great tool for assigning Training & Development courses and tasks to your employees. We even allow


Discount Details

Let's talk numbers...
  • Year 1 – 50% off licence fee
  • Year 2 – 25% off
  • Year 3 – 10% off (for the remainder of your contract)

(offer valid until December 2021)


Volunteers go FREE!

Sound too good to be true? You heard correctly! As part of our special offer to nonprofit organisations, volunteers go free. Manage your volunteers like you would any employee with HRLocker but for no extra charge!

Dedicated Support

Not only will you have access to our brilliant support team but you will also have your own dedicated HRLocker Account Manager. Your very own point of contact to discuss any issues or upgrades!

HR Software for Non – Profit Organisations

NFPs love HRLocker!

We have lots of lovely Nonprofits currently using HRLocker, Our all in one cloud HR & Recruitment solution allows them to focus on what really matters; their people,  and the people they help.


HRLocker FAQ's from the Non Profit Sector

Can I get a demo of HRLocker?

Yes! We would love to get the chance to chat with you. We want to learn more about your company and particular needs. Our demo will give you the chance to ask questions and explore the modules you are interested in. We are happy to listen and discover what’s right for you.

Can I trial HRLocker for free?

Yes!  Simply click on ‘free trial’ at the top of the page to register for our free 14-day trial. If you feel that you would like to extend your trial past that time, no problem. Just chat to one of the team.

How does the nonprofit discount work?

If you signup with HRLocker, you will receive a 50% discount off in Year 1,  25% in Year 2, and 10% from Year 3 and thereafter.

How do I set it up?

Don’t worry, our digital transformation team is at hand to help and guide you through setup and deployment. We will work with you to get HRLocker up and running in no time.

How fast can I set up HRLocker?

HRLocker is a cloud-based system which means we can have you set up and live within 24 hours. (so long as we have all the things we need to move the deployment along quickly!)

Does HRLocker include a mobile app?

Yes. HRLocker’s contact-free clock in & out mobile app gives your employees and HR admins immediate access to perform HR-related tasks and submit requests on-the-go.

Want ot see how we can help NFP’s?

Join our upcoming LIVE webinar!

HR Software for Non – Profit Organisations

Are you ready to automate HR processes?

No contract, No credit card, No funny business, Just great HR software!

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