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Sign Documents Online

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HRLocker allows you to sign documents digitally using our HR Docs feature.

HR Documents Database

Create an unlimited number of HR documents. Publish and assign them to your staff.


HRLocker HR Software will send reminders to employees to sign their documentation.

Electronic Signature

Quick and Fully Legal Electronic Signatures

HRLocker Software enables you and your employees to sign online all your documents legally.

If you have a document that requires your employees to sign, simply upload it into the HR Docs section and your employees will be able to digitally sign it. No need for a physical signature. Save time and paper!

Easy Onboarding with Online Signatures

Being able to sign all your documents online really shines when onboarding new staff to your company. Once you place your new team member, they will receive all the onboarding documents that require their attention.

Electronic Signature

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