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Employee Records Management

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Employee Data

Upload your entire employee directory. Allow employees to upload their own personal information.

Terms Of Employment

Manage salaries and move employees into different areas of the business.

Compensation and Benefits

Create, store and track your company’s compensations and benefits

Reviews and References

Track all employee reviews and store references that they may have from past jobs.


Customise your team’s permissions in the employee database.

Employee Database

All Your Employees Data in One Place

Upload your entire employee directory to easily centralise your employee database. Export information anytime and add new employees as your scale!

In this section of HRLocker, you can enable your employees to upload all their personal information themselves as well as define Compensations and Benefits, Pensions, Payroll Information, Terms of Employment, Right to Work, Backgrounds Checks, Covid Vaccine Status and Permissions.

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Self-Service Employee Data Entry

Personnel Section

In the ‘Personnel’ section, you allow your employees to upload their own personal information and emergency contacts.

As well, in this section, your employees will be able to upload their photo, address, bank details, tax number and more!

Employee Database
Employee Database

Terms Of Employment

Contract Terms and Conditions

In the “Terms of Employment” section you are able to define the terms and conditions of employment and manage salaries and benefits.

Here your employees will find information such as employment type, contracted hours, probation period and other important details agreed in their contract.

Define Compensation and Benefits

Comps & Bens Section

In the Comps and Bens section, you can manage salary compensation, bonus payments, assets and incentives easily.

  • Integrated compensation management service.
  • Easy-to-use, scalable, compensation and benefits software solution that allows employers to assign and track employee benefits across their organisation.

As well, HRLocker offers a secure repository to remain GDPR compliant with sensitive remuneration data accessible and manageable only by approved personnel.

Employee Database
Employee Database

Organise Employees Performance Reviews

Reviews and References Section

In this section of the Directory module, it is possible to track employees’ reviews and check the future ones to come. This way you can ensure that everything is running smoothly.

As well here you can find References from past employers and their details.

Set Up App Permissions

Permissions Section

Customise your team’s permissions in the employee database. Allow managers to see their team’s information and ensure compliance.

Employee Database

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