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This policy was last updated on Mar 1st 2024 and is subject to change at any time.


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HRLocker (“We“, “Us” and “Our”) takes privacy seriously.

HRLocker respects your privacy and this policy explains details about HRLocker marketing activity, what data is collected on our website – and the purpose – and outlines how you can access this information or request that it be deleted. (Please note that the HRLocker application is separate from this website and operates under separate Terms and Conditions for HRLocker customers and those trialling HRLocker).

If you do not agree to personal data that we collect (see below for specific usage) then you should refer to Your Rights to Your Data’ below and contact us to remove your records or provide a record. ‘Personal data’ or identifiers, should be distinguished from commercial data or your company contact details for example.

HRLocker will not give or sell your contact information to 3rd parties without your consent. If we have, for example, your name and email contact details from a ‘Contact Us’ form, we occasionally send you content about partner services that we think might be of value to you.

If you have ever submitted details such as name and email address to us, these communications may also come as messages that can appear as either a ‘popup’ message ‘bubble and/or as an email.


Privacy Policy Overview

This statement intends to outline what data we collect and what purposes it will be used for.

At all times, we choose to collect the minimum amount of information necessary to allow us to improve our services and awareness of our services. Outside of the HRLocker Solution, which is a separate application to the HRLocker website, we do not intend to collect or process highly sensitive personal details

IMPORTANT: We recommend that you read this information carefully to understand how and what we collect and how we intend to store and use it.



HRLocker is owned and operated by HR Interventions Ltd., Trading As HRLocker, a company registered in the Republic of Ireland under CRO Number 388043 (‘HR Interventions Ltd’).


HRLocker is registered with the Irish Data Protection Commissioners Office.


Data We Collect

When visiting we may obtain and use the following data about you: Data you fill out forms – or popups – on our Website (such as name, email address, and telephone number), including, but not limited to, data you provide when you register to become a user of the Service. Responses to optional research surveys we ask you or Users to complete.

Cookies and IP Addresses from Web Visits

Browsing activity and interests can be tracked through the use of a cookie file.

This cookie file is stored on the hard drive of your computer following a visit to our website. The cookie contains information about your device.

We use the collection of this data to help us improve the experience of users on our website so that we may deliver a more personalised service, with more relevant content. We also use cookies as part of our Affiliate Program and for retargeting advertisements. However, this device, or accounts linked to that device, (such as a Google profile or iCloud profile), may pass on details of your browsing preferences to external providers, such as Social Media accounts.

The collection of this cookie data allows us to:

  • 1) Store data indicative of your preferences, allowing us to adjust our Website to appeal to your individual interests
  • 2) Send you targeted content based on your specific interests. For example, if you have left your email address on a form we have published then you may receive emails on products related to pages or subject matter that you viewed on our website
  • 3) Customise or personalise adverts targeting you that you will see on other web pages that may relate to the content you viewed on our website.
  • 4) Estimate the size usage patterns and needs of our audience
  • 5) Identify you on return to our Website (For example, our chat bubble might say ‘welcome back’ and offer to assist you with what you are specifically searching for, or to track leads referred to us from our Affiliate Program )
  • 6) Increase the speed of your or your Users’ searches for information

HRLocker uses 3rd-party applications such as advertising networks, social media networks and marketing automation software to send you tailored information – such as by email or specific adverts – on topics we believe are relevant to your interests based on your browsing activity and history.

3rd-party providers are allowed access to some of these cookies to match IP addresses with a stored email address to enable the customised automation of relevant content and communications, such as emails on the relevant content topic on the pages you have viewed.

For example, if you browsed pages on our Applicant Tracking System module ‘HIRELocker’ – and you have previously given us your email address, say via a form – you may subsequently receive emails, or see adverts, about the benefits of recruitment software to your organisation.

We do this so that you do not receive messages about other parts of our product offerings that may not be of interest to you.

We do not control the removal of cookies, so you should either clear your cookies and/or choose to not allow your data to be collected when the permission notice appears on our website, or you can also choose to use an ad-blocking tool. holds collected cookies for 12 months.

Where We Store Data

HRLocker only stores data in European-hosted Data Centres.

We keep data such as email addresses and names in a master list on our secure cloud-hosted shared company folders and with the listed 3rd-party providers, only where necessary. (For example, email addresses are shared only with newsletter service providers, but not with advertising networks. If that changes we will list it below. This page will always show a ‘last updated’ notice.) From May 2018, any new 3rd-party suppliers involved in data storage that we select must hold this data within GDPR Compliance guidelines.

When you unsubscribe from any marketing-related email communications from us, aside from existing customer messaging, our 3rd-party provider will automatically ensure your address is no longer used.

We will then, monthly, make sure these addresses are permanently removed from our master lists and check that it does not feature on any 3rd-party provider list either.

For example, you may have submitted your email address via a chat bubble, your address could then be automatically synced with our Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) application and newsletter provider.

In the case of a removal request, we would ensure all instances are removed within 30 days on all master lists and providers’ accounts.

Separate from our public-facing website, the HRLocker Application has its own Ts&Cs about where data is stored.



Your Rights to Your Data

We are happy to provide you with an inventory of what data we hold on you on request via email For the Attention of the Data Protection Officer via or by post at:

FAO Data Protection Officer HRLocker Grandview House Ennistymon Rd. Lahinch County Clare Ireland V95H5W0.

We may request that you provide official documentation to identify yourself as the true owner of the data so that we can be sure we are only releasing your information to you and nobody else, except law enforcement bodies under the correct legal protocols for such.

We are committed to confirming that we will process your request to delete or edit what data we hold on you within one month from the date that your request is received.

Even if you are not located within the EU, we will honour these requests for privacy regardless.

Accessing Data

How Long We Store Data For

Unless you are a customer (refer to separate HRLocker application Terms and Conditions) we will keep your data for up to 24 months for marketing purposes and will request your permission to retain it at that interval.

Even if you are an HRLocker User, you can still unsubscribe from marketing communications at any time.


Contact Us

Phone email or contact us by post at:


Grandview House,

Ennistymon Rd.


County Clare,

Ireland V95H5W0.

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