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Invest in Your Team’s Development and Maximise Their Potential

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Invest in Your Team’s Development and Maximise Their Potential

Automated training administration

Enjoy stress-free management of your training programs with automation, saving valuable time so you can focus on engaging your team and promoting their professional growth.

Self-managed certificate system

Empower your employees to take charge of their certifications, giving them ownership of their professional growth.

Why so many companies choose HRLocker to optimise their CPD processes

Our software makes training and professional development a breeze, both for you and your employees.

Easily create and assign training

Design and delegate training courses effortlessly to address each employee’s unique needs and goals.

Simple training requests and approval 

Streamline communication between employees and managers and build a culture of continuous learning and development.

Convenient expiry reminders

Never miss a certification expiration again: HRLocker informs your team about upcoming renewals, helping you stay compliant and eliminating any oversights.

Invest in Your Team’s Development and Maximise Their Potential
Invest in Your Team’s Development and Maximise Their Potential

Straightforward licence and qualification tracking

Easily monitor licences and qualifications to ensure your team is always up-to-date with industry requirements.

Turbocharge your team with a powerful CPD management solution 

Transform your approach to professional development for improved efficiency, engagement and growth. Here’s how HRLocker helps you empower your team:

. Get rid of tedious CPD records and certificate maintenance

. Let staff focus on growth, not mundane internal processes

. Foster a culture of continual professional development

. Improve employee engagement and retention

. Customise expiry notifications for stress-free compliance

. Create and assign training modules across teams, departments and locations

Frequently asked questions about CPD training management software

Does HRLocker's CPD management software integrate with other HR software tools?

HRLocker is an all-in-one HR solution that centralises all your HR processes, tasks and data within a single source of truth. You can easily create, assign, track and manage your team’s training and development plans with our innovative CPD management software. 

You can then push training data directly to time tracking and our error-free payroll report features to avoid manual input. Plus, it integrates seamlessly with business tools like Google Calendar, Office 365, LinkedIn and Facebook, providing even greater flexibility and efficiency.

Why is a cloud-based CPD platform better than Excel?

Here’s why a cloud-based CPD platform is better than Excel:

  • Accessibility. 

Excel files are often stored on a single device, limiting access and creating potential barriers to collaboration. A cloud-based platform allows users to access and modify their CPD data from any device with an internet connection, making the process more convenient for HR managers and employees. 

  • Scalability. 

While large amounts of data in Excel can mean slow load times and potential data loss, a cloud-based solution can accommodate a growing number of users and CPD activities without any issues. 

  • Customisation and integration.
    Cloud-based CPD platforms integrate with other learning management systems, HR tools and employee performance management software.
  • Automation and tracking. A cloud-based platform can automate tasks like sending reminders, tracking progress and generating reports. 
How can I be sure we're compliant with a self-service solution?

You can ensure compliance with a self-service HR platform by:

  1. Establishing clear policies and guidelines for users to follow when accessing and using the platform.
  2. Implementing role-based access control to limit and monitor user access to sensitive data.
  3. Making use of the platform’s customer success team. For example, HRLocker’s award-winning customer care team includes a dedicated Implementation Specialist to minimise downtime and maximise employee productivity.
  4. Automating reminders for certification renewals, which reduces the risk of non-compliance due to oversight. HRLocker proactively sends your expiry reminders helping you maintain compliance and prevent potential lapses.
  5. Using a solution like HRLocker that’s specifically designed for GDPR compliance ensures your self-service solution adheres to relevant data privacy and security standards.
Can staff use it to track courses from outside the workplace?

Yes, your staff can use a CPD platform to track courses outside the workplace. For example, HRLocker is designed to accommodate internal and external learning activities, so your employees can log and track professional development efforts from various sources. 

This flexibility helps employees maintain a complete record of their learning experiences, whether within or outside the workplace.

Our staff's training is paid, so can we also track CPD for payroll? 

Yes, you can track CPD for payroll purposes using a CPD platform like HRLocker. And while many CPD tools integrate with external HR software, HRLocker lets you log and monitor employees’ training hours and allocate compensation under one roof.

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