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One of the biggest benefits of collecting data is that you capture an enormous amount of information that can be used to gain incredible insight into your business. That’s where Power BI comes in…

1.Understand your employee’s performance and engagement better

Since employees are the most important asset to any organisation, more and more companies are using technology to enhance employee engagement.

With the right BI support, you can capitalize on technology to ensure job satisfaction, career development, and employee retention.

Low employee engagement in the workplace isn’t something new. The wave of digital transformation has caused a seismic wave and it isn’t going to stop anytime soon.

However, to help, Microsoft partner HRLocker provides a business application BI tool for employee engagement and enhancing their performance-Power BI.

Power BI, with its customized dashboard, you can find openings to approach underperforming employees and take quick action.

One of the biggest challenges involves ensuring that your employers are productive and efficient during office hours.

Using Power BI analytics, you can start to understand how your employees are spending their time each day in the office and discover if there is questionable usage of time, and help you take action to prevent it from happening again.

It also serves your business by helping improve cost savings by reducing distractions and improving employee productivity.

2.Connect your HR metrics with your business metrics

HR metrics are important to your business because they enable human resources executives to track and measure performance on different aspects and ultimately predict the future.

HR analytics, also called people analytics, is the quantification of people drivers on business outcomes. Analytics measures why something is happening and what the impact is of what’s happening.

HR metrics, also track what is known in the HR world as “Soft skills”. These are skills that are not easily measured, such as social skills, and the ability to get along with others, willingness to work hard, integrity, and so on.

Certain soft skills are important, if you look at the effect those skills have on a company’s bottom line.

These HR metrics can be combined with your business metrics using Power BI, to increase both productivity and profitability for your company.

The ways in which connecting HR metrics with your business metrics include; encouraging collaborative working, providing more training where there seems to be a need, and recognize and reward efforts.

This shows the employee, not just that they are being monitored, but that there is also help available when needed.

Build reports and metrics with trusted up to date information

Transform your business by relying on accurate reports that reflect the productivity in the workplace.

Having HRLockers solution, Power BI you can feel secure knowing that trust in the information you have received.

This leads to numerous benefits within the business such as reducing month-end reporting lead times by automating financial processes and empowering data-driven decision making and strategic analysis with real-time reporting.

Businesses can now begin combining data from their chosen cloud applications, with their internal databases, with the aim to gain greater insight into their own organizations.

Automate standard reporting processes

Microsoft Power BI shows you how your reports are being used and who is using them.

It can also determine whether the reports are accessed via the web or mobile app.

Power BI  usage metrics now also enable you to keep an eye on report performance. For example, you can determine the typical report opening time broken down by consumption method and browser type.

Knowing how your content is being used helps you gain knowledge of your impact and prioritize your efforts.

Your usage metrics may show that one report is being used daily by a huge amount of staff within the organization, or on the contrary, It may show that nobody is accessing a dashboard you created at all.

If you create reports in modern workspaces, Power BI will provide you with access to improved usage metrics reports.

They enable you to discover who’s using those reports throughout your organization, and how they’re using them. You can also identify high-level performance issues.

All in all, having HRLocker’s Power BI within your organisation, can lead to a much greater deal of insight into how your employees are performing, what issues need to be addressed, or hopefully, rewarded!

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